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Dr Hampus Adamsson

Mr Hampus Adamsson

BA (Hons), MLitt, PhD

Recent graduate


2010 - 2015 - Graduated 30 November 2015
PhD Candidate in Banking and Finance University of St Andrews, UK

MLitt in International Business, University of St Andrews, UK
Dissertation topic: 'Performance Evaluation of Shariah-Compliant Equity Indices'

BA (Hons) in Marketing, Dublin Business School, Ireland

Research Interests

Islamic Banking and Finance: financial performance, asset pricing and index construction.


Professor John Wilson

Dr Andreas Hoepner

Working Paper(s)

Adamsson, H., Hoepner, A.G.F. (2011) "Is there a cost or a benefit associated with Islamic Investing? Evidence from 7 index families".


Adamsson, H.; Hoepner, A. G. F.; Rammal, H. G. and M. Rezec. (2011) "A review of Islamic funds' financial performance and investment style in muslim and non-muslim countries" In S. Hadj Ali, and A. Escurat (eds.) Finance Islamique. Regard(s) sure une finance alternative: 129-132. Algiers: Mazars.