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Dr Manouchehr Tavakoli

Dr Manouchehr Tavakoli

BSc, Dip. Econ, MSc, Ph.D

Honorary Reader in Economics and Finance


Manouchehr Tavakoli is an applied economist with wide research interests in finance, industrial organisation and Health Economics. He has co-edited 6 books covering health reforms, financing and controlling costs and has written over 70 chapters and journal articles. He regularly advises the industry on economic and modelling issues.

Research specialisms

Finance and Industrial economics with special interests in insider trading, company performance, advertising, television viewing choice and health economics especially in waiting time/list and economic evaluations.

Selected publications

Vivian Valdmanis, Michael Rosko, Paolo Mancuso, Manouchehr Tavakoli, Shelley Farrar (2017). Measuring performance change in Scottish hospitals: a Malmquist and times-series approach. Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology. Volume 17, Issue 2, pp 113–126. doi:10.1007/s10742-016-0151-y

Tavakoli, M., McMillan, D. and McKnight, P. J. (2014), The Credit Crunch and Insider Trading. Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments, 23: 71–100. doi:10.1111/fmii.12015

Tavakoli, M. (2012). Insider Employee Stock Option Trading and Stock Prices. (with McMillan, D. G. & McKnight, P.) European Journal of Finance. Available online: 6 June.

Tavakoli, M. (2012). Insider Trading and Stock Prices. (with McMillan, D. G. & McKnight, P.) International Review of Economics and Finance. 12, p. 254-266.

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