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Professor Helen Francis

Professor Helen Francis

Honorary Professor in Human Resource Management


Helen has many years' experience in leading research, teaching and commercial developments in human resource management, including the development of frameworks which successfully bridge academic and practitioner interests. She has published in a wide range of academic and practitioner journals / textbooks, challenging taken-for-granted ideas about organisation and management in the pursuit of more 'balanced' HR agendas and responsible enterprise.

Helen previously worked at Edinburgh Napier University, where she was awarded the title of emeritus professor on retiring from the Business School. A Fellow of the CIPD, Helen's current teaching and research interests include critical discourse analysis; the changing HR function and employee-line manager relationships, employee engagement and workplace conversations. Helen achieved the lifetime award of 'Outstanding Contribution to the Scottish HR Profession' in 2013 (HR Network Awards Scotland).

Research specialisms

HRM, Discourse Analysis, Dialogue, Engagement, Paradox

Selected publications

Francis, H. and Keegan, A. (2018) 'The ethics of engagement in an age of austerity: a paradox perspective', Journal of Business Ethics, ISSN1573-0697.

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Francis, Helen, and Martin Reddington. 'Employer branding and organisational effectiveness.' W: People and Organisational Development, A New Agenda for Organisational Effectiveness. Red. H. Francis, L. Holbeche, M. Reddington. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, London.
View chapter as a free sample from CIPD.

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