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Honorary, Visiting and Emeritus Staff

Mr Ejaj Ahmad

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Professor Paul F Clark

Visiting Professor

Dr John Desmond

Honorary Reader in Management

Mr Paul Dollman

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Dr David Erdal

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Professor Helen Francis

Honorary Professor in Human Resource Management

Professor Robert Hugh Gray

Emeritus Professor of Social and Environmental Accounting

Research keywords: social and environmental accounting, accountability, sustainability

Dr Iain S Henderson

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Professor Jeff Hyman

Emeritus Professor of Human Resource Management

Graham Leicester

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

John Lupton

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Professor Robert MacIntosh

Honorary Professor

Mr Richard Mansbridge

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Andres Mesa

Visiting Research Scholar

Dr Louis Nguyen

Honorary Senior Lecturer

Research keywords: corporate finance, banking, law and economics

Professor Sandra Nutley

Emeritus Professor of Public Policy and Management

Research keywords: research use, performance, service improvement

Dr Daniel Oto-Peralias

Honorary Lecturer

Research keywords: law and finance, institutions, inequality

Alexa Rees-Jones

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Dr Michael Rosko

Visiting Professor of Management

Dr Nicola Searle

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Manouchehr Tavakoli

Honorary Reader in Economics and Finance

Research keywords: insider trading, efficiency, managing risk

Professor Barbara Townley

Professor Emeritus of Management
Leverhulme Emeritus Professor Fellow

Research keywords: creative industries, Bourdieu, negotiating the cultural and commercial

Professor Russ Vince

Honorary Professor in Management