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Academic Teaching and Research Staff

Dr Pejman Abedifar

Lecturer in Banking and Finance
Programme Director, MSc in Banking and Finance

Research keywords: bank lending, diversification in banking, Islamic finance

Dr Cinla Akinci

Lecturer in Management

Research keywords: intuition, decision making, organisational learning

Professor Kirstie Ball

Professor of Management
Examinations Officer (Undergraduate programmes)

Research keywords: surveillance, privacy, employee monitoring

Dr Alina M Baluch

Senior Lecturer in Management
Director of Postgraduate Research
Programme Director, MRes

Research keywords: nonprofit management, performance, human resource management

Mr William Barlow

Teaching Fellow in Marketing
Undergraduate Admissions Officer

Professor Jan Bebbington

Professor of Accounting and Sustainable Development

Research keywords: sustainability, carbon accounting, governance and accountability

Dr Kais Bouslah

Lecturer in Banking and Finance
Honours Programme Director

Research keywords: responsible investment, risk management, empirical finance

Dr Boyka Bratanova

Lecturer in Management
Equality and Diversity Officer

Research keywords: social psychology, sustainability, economic condition

Dr Anna Brown

Associate Lecturer
Sub-Honours Director (Year 2)

Research keywords: skill, craft, process

Dr Ross Brown

Reader in Management
Programme Director, Masters in International Business

Research keywords: entrepreneurship, innovation, public policy

Dr Eleanor Burt

Senior Lecturer,
specialising in charity management

Research keywords: charities (digital and data; ethics; regulation)

Dr Jimmy Chen

Teaching Fellow in Finance
Programme Director, MLitt in Finance and Management
Business Project Manager, Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance

Research keywords: financial markets efficiency, market risk management, emerging markets

Julie Brooks

Director of Postgraduate Programmes
Programme Director, Masters in Marketing

Research keywords: communications, marketing and society, international postgraduate education and student experience

Dr Shiona Chillas

Senior Lecturer in Management
Sub-honours Advisor
Employability Link (Careers Liaison)
Programme Director, MLitt in HRM

Research keywords: skills, creative industries, HRM

Dr Dimitris Chronopoulos

Senior Lecturer in Banking and Finance
Science Sub-Honours Adviser
Examinations Officer (Taught postgraduate programmes)

Research keywords: banking, empirical asset pricing, corporate finance

Professor Huw T. O. Davies

Professor of Health Care Policy and Management

Research keywords: knowledge, culture, performance

Dr David Dowell

Lecturer in Management

Research keywords: non-profit, marketing, volunteering

Mr Martin Dowling

Senior Teaching Fellow
Director of Operations

Professor John Ferguson

Professor of Accounting
Co-Head of School

Research keywords: accountability, corporate governance, business ethics

Dr Lisi Gordon

Associate Lecturer
Sub-Honours Director (Year 1)

Research keywords: transitions, leadership, identity, video-methodologies

Dr Gail Greig

Lecturer in Management
Study Abroad Coordinator

Research keywords: knowledge, practice theory, context

Mindy Grewar

Research Assistant, Institute for Capitalising on Creativity

Professor Paul Hibbert

Professor of Management
Dean of Arts & Divinity

Research keywords: knowledge, learning, reflexivity

Dr Jeffrey Hughes

Associate Lecturer in Strategic Management

Research keywords: strategy, technology, practice

Dr Tobias Jung

Reader in Management
Director of the Centre for the Study of Philanthropy & Public Good

Research keywords: philanthropy, public and nonprofit management, public policy

Dr Mahmoud Khalik

Teaching Fellow

Research keywords: firm internationalisation, base of the pyramid, emerging markets

Dr Keyan Lai

Associate Lecturer in Management

Research keywords: MNCs, sociology of FDI, ethnography

Dr Laurence Lasselle

Senior Lecturer
Appeals Officer

Research keywords: education, heterogeneous beliefs, central banks

Mr Charles Lovatt

Senior Teaching Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity
MX Programme Coordinator

Teaching keywords: entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, governance

Professor Brad MacKay

Professor of Strategy
Vice-Principal (International Strategy and External Relations)

Research keywords: strategy, scenarios, economy

Professor Duncan Maclennan

Professor of Strategic Urban Management and Finance

Dr Samuel Mansell

Lecturer in Business Ethics

Research keywords: business ethics, political philosophy, history of political thought

Dr Linh Nguyen

Lecturer in Banking and Finance
Editor, Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance

Research keywords: banking, financial stability, regulation

Dr Louis Nguyen

Lecturer in Banking and Finance

Research keywords: corporate finance, banking, law and economics

Professor Sandra Nutley

Professor of Public Policy and Management
Director of the Research Unit for Research Utilisation

Research keywords: research use, performance, service improvement

Professor Kevin Orr

Professor of Management

Research keywords: leadership, public sector management, knowledge coproduction

Dr Daniel Oto-Peralias

Lecturer in Banking and Finance
Honours Advisor

Research keywords: law and finance, institutions, inequality

Dr Francois-Regis Puyou

Lecturer in Management
Programme Director, MLitt in Management

Research keywords: critical accounting, visualisation, phenomenology

Dr Jen Remnant

Mildred Blaxter post-doctoral research fellow

Research keywords: employment, welfare, health

Dr Sandra Romenska

Senior Lecturer
Director of Teaching

Teaching keywords: leadership, innovation, collaboration

Dr Philip Roscoe

Reader in Management

Research keywords: market studies, performativity, critical perspectives

Dr Shona Russell

Senior Lecturer in Knowledge and Practice
Associate Director of Centre for the Study of Philanthropy and Public Good
Environmental Facilitator

Research keywords: governance and accountability, water, sustainability

Professor Bert Scholtens

Professor of Banking and Finance

Research keywords: responsible banking and investing, energy economics, international finance

Ms Lorna Stevenson

Professor of Accounting and Society
Co-Director, Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research

Research keywords: education, social and environmental accounting, inequality

Dr Juliette Summers

Lecturer in Management

Research keywords: employee-ownership, deliberative democracy, social identity

Professor John O. S. Wilson

Professor of Banking and Finance
Director of Research
Director, Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance

Research keywords: banking, credit unions, industrial organization

Dr Lucy J Wishart

Associate Lecturer
Honours Co-Director

Research keywords: waste, sustainable governance, sustainability science

Professor Ruth Woodfield

Professor of Equalities and Organisation
Co-Head of School

Research keywords: gender differences and inequalities, employment, education