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Fill in our survey and you could win a £200 Amazon gift card!  Please tell us how satisfied you are with Library services, spaces and resources. Should only take 5 mins. The survey is open to all University staff, students, visitors and anyone who uses the Library. It will run until Monday 18th March.

We’ve been asking you about what you like and don’t like about the Library and we are getting a better understanding of the areas we need to work on.

Here are some of the comments from last year’s survey:

Space, many mentioning lack of space

The main library is far too small (in terms of study spaces) for the whole of the University of St Andrews.
The library is very nice and more spaces would be very much appreciated.
Not enough space in the main library or in St Mary’s- too many students for these areas.

Positive comments about space

The library is one of my favourite spaces in the University. It is such a pleasure to work there in morning.
I do love the variety of different spaces available
The library is a great space for students whether it’s socializing or studying!

Difficulty getting access to resources

Our weakness is shortage of books.
I wish there were more books!
The availability of books on site especially in foreign languages is poor.

In praise of Library services

The library service has seen continual improvement since I arrived at St Andrews in 2010.
A very professional service.
Overall I am so impressed by the wonderful services that the library provides. Having studied abroad and spoken to friends at other universities, the we are so lucky with the St Andrews library!

Opening times could be better

Main Library should open at seven
Needs to be extended opening hours during revision periods.
I wish St Mary’s Library was open longer, maybe until 8:00 or 10:00

How much you appreciate Library staff

Our main strength in the library is quality of staff.
Very nice and welcoming staff.
The library staffs are super nice and supportive.

To make sure we keep up to date with the issues affecting your experience of the Library, please fill in our short survey (should only take 5 minutes) and tell us how satisfied you are with our support, spaces and resources.

The survey will not cover everything the Library offers, instead will focus on the below areas:

• Enquiries & outreach
• Access to resources
• Study spaces
• Support

The survey will run from Monday 18th February until Monday 18th March. The winner will be contacted before 12 April.

If you have any questions or comments, please email

Thank you!

Want to win £200? Take the Library survey!
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