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You left 128 tricks and treats on our feedback board! Thank you for telling us what fills you with dread about the Library and what was a pleasant surprise.

Here are the top categories:


How much you love Library staff: 15 comments.


How the Library means studying, both negative with 7 comments and positive 5 comments.


Hot water taps: 11 comments (only one negative, unable to fit bottle under tap).


Temperature: positive with 6 comments about how lovely and warm it is and 5 negative comments mainly that it is too warm.


Noise: 4 positive about the silent areas and 4 negative about noise disruption.

Among other topics, people also mentioned that they enjoyed the campaign and feedback board, they were concerned about the lack of study space, annoyed when the book they want is on loan, and happy we made a microwave available.

We regularly ask for your feedback so that we can understand what you want and need, and base improvement to our services on what you like and don’t like. Comments such as those above have lead us to introducing the hot water taps, microwave and blankets.

If you have any questions or comments, please email:



Halloween feedback – your comments
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