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Quotes about library services

Our recent survey of Library Helpdesk Services shows those responded were 87.9% satisfied with the services overall!

A huge thank you to everyone who completed our survey! We received 1,805 responses which is a fourfold increase on last year’s 451 responses. The number of comments you left also almost increased x4: 925 comments this year compared to 249 last year. Thank you again!

This year the survey ran from 5 February until 5 March. The survey was available online and we also left paper copies for you to fill in at all of our Library sites and promoted it so much you were probably tired of seeing the little blue graphic!

We are still analysing the 925 free text comments so will update you on our findings shortly. In the meantime, we wanted to tell you about the headline figures!

This is the second year the University Library has run this survey. The survey has been designed to gather information about the services and spaces under the scope of our Customer Service Excellence accreditation. This scope covers ‘Helpdesk Services’ which can be defined as front-facing services grouped into three themes: Enquiries, support and outreach; Access to resources; and Spaces.

Let’s go…

Who filled in the survey:

Chart showing who filled in the survey 2018

The majority of responses were from Undergraduate students (63%). To understand if this is representative of people who engage with our Helpdesk Services, we have compared these figures with other data.

We looked at statistics showing who comes to the Library Service Desk for help (2017-18 up to 15 March 2018), and the demographic percentages are fairly similar: 56% Undergraduate, 20% Postgraduate students and 7% of staff, made enquires there.

Looking at data gathered about groups entering the Main Library building we see that last semester Undergraduates made up 78%, Postgraduate Taught 11%, Postgraduate Research 2.5%, and staff 5.5% of visits.

Although we have work to do to ensure those who use our services have a voice in improving them, we feel the survey is broadly representative. Undergraduate students access these particular front-line services the most, followed by Postgraduate Taught and then by Postgraduate Research and staff.

Satisfaction levels per question

The below percentages combine ‘satisfied’ and ‘very satisfied’ and remove ‘not applicable’ responses. We have calculated the percentage increase or decrease when compared to last year’s satisfaction results and colour-coded green for increases and red for decreases in satisfaction levels.

Getting in touch and having your say

Question 2.1: The ability to get in touch with Library staff in different ways? (e.g. at our Service Desks, by email, via chat, etc.): 94% satisfied (– 4.5% compared to 2017).

Question 2.2: How quickly questions are replied to?: 92.4% satisfied  (– 4.2% compared to 2017).

Question 2.3: The opportunities to give feedback? (e.g. You Said We Did feedback cards, Library User Groups, Valentine campaign): 90.5% satisfied  (– 2.3% compared to 2017).

Question 2.4: The helpfulness of Library staff?: 94.6% satisfied  (-2.4% compared to 2017).

Question 2.5: The opportunity to see a librarian with specialised knowledge in your subject area?: 74% satisfied (+ 14% compared to 2017).

Question 2.6: The clarity of our responses to your questions?: 92.3% satisfied (– 5% compared to 2017).


Accessing books and other resources

Question 3.1: That books are easy to borrow?: 89.5% satisfied (– 2.7% compared to 2017).

Question 3.2: That books are easy to return?: 93.2% satisfied (– 3.4% compared to 2017).

Question 3.3: The ease of access to online resources (e.g. ebooks and journal articles)?: 79.8% satisfied (+ 5.7% compared to 2017).

Question 3.4: The opportunity to request books are purchased for the Library through the morebooks@ service?: 80.9% satisfied (+ 0.4% compared to 2017).

Question 3.5: How quickly recalled books are made available?: 74.5% satisfied (– 0.9% compared to 2017).

Question 3.6: The help offered by Library staff when there are problems accessing resources?: 90.9% satisfied (– 2.3% compared to 2017).

Question 3.7: That the reading list service is easy to use?: 84.4% satisfied (question not included last year)


Opening hours

Question 4: How satisfied are you with the opening hours offered during semester at:

4.1: Main Library (8am – 2am, 7 days): 81.7% satisfied (– 8% compared to 2017).

4.2: St Mary’s College Library (9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri): 53% satisfied (+ 9.7% compared to 2017).

4.3: JF Allen (8am – 5.45pm, Mon – Fri): 60% satisfied (+ 17.4% compared to 2017).

4.4: Thomson Reading Room (8am – Midnight, 7 days): 79.8% satisfied (+ 2.5% compared to 2017).


Study space availability

Question 5: How satisfied are you with the availability of study space in:

5.1: Main Library: 40.4% satisfied (+ 4.4% compared to 2017).

5.2: St Mary’s College Library: 47.9% satisfied (– 1.8% compared to 2017).

5.3: JF Allen: 60.9% satisfied (– 1.3% compared to 2017).

5.4: Thomson Reading Room: 63.3% satisfied (– 4.6% compared to 2017).


Cleanliness of spaces

Question 6: How satisfied are you with the cleanliness of:

6.1: Main Library: 91.5% satisfied (– 1.3% compared to 2017).

6.2: St Mary’s College Library: 90.7% satisfied (– 7.6% compared to 2017).

6.3: JF Allen: 90.5% satisfied (– 7.8% compared to 2017).

6.4: Thomson Reading Room: 88.6% satisfied (– 9.2% compared to 2017).


Temperature levels

Question 7: How satisfied are you with the temperature levels in:

7.1: Main Library: 73.9% satisfied (+ 6% compared to 2017).

7.2: St Mary’s College Library: 81.7% satisfied (– 6.2% compared to 2017).

7.3: JF Allen: 84.1% satisfied (– 2.6% compared to 2017).

7.4: Thomson Reading Room: 75.2% satisfied (– 5% compared to 2017).


Signage and other services

Question 8.1: The signage provided to help you find books and journals?: 74.6% satisfied (– 2.7% compared to 2017).

Question 8.2: The opportunity to advertise (images for digital screens and posters)?: 84.1% satisfied (– 5.5% compared to 2017).

Question 8.3: The opportunity to make bake sale/ticket sale bookings?: 85% satisfied (– 5.9% compared to 2017).


Overall satisfaction

Question 9.1: 21. The Library services overall?: 87.9% satisfied (– 0.1% compared to 2017).


As you can see our satisfaction levels have slightly dipped for most questions in comparison to 2017’s survey. This could be explained in part by the huge difference in number of respondents in the two surveys we compare, but we will be working through all of the 925 comments you left to understand how we can do better.

We will post again with analysis of the comments in the next few weeks. We will also pick and contact the winner of the survey prize: £200 Amazon gift card – keep an eye on your email!!

If you have any questions, please email:

Library Helpdesk Services Survey Results 2018
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