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Seethai outside the Library with her £50 Topping books vouch and enjoying some lovely Spring sunshine!

Seethai is the lucky winner of the prize draw from our January Orientation tours. 86 feedback cards were filled in after the tours with the below results:

Did you find the session useful? 85 yes, 1 no

Were Library staff friendly? 86 yes 🙂

Was the information in the session easy to understand? 84 yes; 2 no

Congratulations to Seethai who comes from India and is currently studying on the International Foundation Programme (Pathway to Medicine) at English Language Teaching. She hopes to study Medicine here next year. When collecting the prize she mentioned that the programme has been quite intense so far but feels it will be a great foundation for a degree in Medicine. She found it easy to adapt to life in St Andrews, mainly because it felt so much like home from the start. In terms of using the Library, Seethai prefers the Main Library, especially the SILENT sections. She mentioned that staff have always been very friendly and kind.

We hope all of our students who arrived in January a great experience in St Andrews!

January Orientation prize draw winner
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