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print-v-ebook display

Thank you for your comments!

The results are in … we have counted and sorted 187 post-it notes and can tell you that print was victorious! Here is a breakdown of the results:

  • Print 83 (44%)
  • Ebook 44 (24%)
  • Both 27 (14%)
  • Other comments 33 (18%)

Thank you for telling us what made you prefer one over the other.

For print you told us:

“E-Books are hard to read – print FTW”

“You can’t slam shut an e-book in your frustration #Print4Lyfe”

“Print goes so much faster to read!”

“Print! Love the smell of books”

“Love print books #indexes”

“Print for the win! It doesn’t hurt my eyes and feels nice :)”

“Real books, ebooks strain your peepers”

“The other day I found some guy’s family photo in a book. It was the most exciting thing to happen to me all week. You don’t get that with e-books”

“Screen tires my eyes”

“Like nostalgia of print. Don’t know why ♡”

“I ♡ print books!”

“Print books are magical”

For ebooks you told us:

“E-books! I can highlight them + save the trees”

“E-books you can copy + paste from when making notes are so useful!”

“I feel guilty when I recall books. So! E-book!!! ♡♡” (please don’t feel guilty – we track recalls and order more copies of books in demand!)

“E-books are better for commuting students! I live in Dundee and can’t manage without them”

“Ebooks! Much easier to read! Can have ebook & Word doc open at same time on same screen”

“I would die without CTRL + F”

When you saw both sides, you told us:

“E-books for education, print for pleasure!”

“Both!! But please don’t lose print!”

“I really dislike all the reading on screens, but I do appreciate the availability e-books provide”

“It depends … if I need one chapter then ebook is fine – if I need to read more than that, an e-book is awful. Both are needed! Esp. for the books in high demand, lots of recalls etc.”

Here are some of the other topics you commented on:

“Pls get more copies of books! 3 copies for a class of 300+ is not enough! I do not have enough money to pay £80+ for a textbook I’ll use once :(” (email our service to request we buy books)

“Need more seating spaces urgently. Please! ♡” (we know it gets very busy and we are working to provide more seats in the Main Library through a redevelopment of the basement (level 1) by the end of 2020. We need to relocate our general collections store and staff offices to the new Eden Campus which won’t be ready until late 2019/early 2020. You can study at St Mary’s College Library, which has extended opening hours (open until 1945 Monday-Friday) and also at the JF Allen Library on the North Haugh. There are other study spaces across the University, take a look at the Student Union webpage)

“If there was a way to get people to stop leaving their things at computers/study spaces when there’s already not enough room that would be great :)” (we have tried using parking tickets in the Main Library to stop people hogging seats, but this didn’t make any improvements – we are looking at alternatives)

Thank you again to everyone who left a comment, we value your feedback and are grateful every time!

If you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Email

Halloween feedback print v ebook: the results!
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