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Main Library service desk

Main Library Service Desk

Thank you to everyone who filled in the short paper questionnaire survey at the Library Service Desks in the Main Library, St Marys and JF Allen. We received 159 completed forms!

Here is a breakdown of the results:

  • 99.4% felt they received a friendly welcome.
  • 97.5% found the desk opening hours convenient.
  • 100% were happy with the communication between desk staff and themselves.
  • 100% found staff to be knowledgeable.

Many found time to give us comments and we are very proud to say the vast majority were very positive indeed!

Here are some examples of the comments (we’ve removed staff names to save blushes!):

“Always fab & brilliant service”

“You do such a nice job. You actually benefit my work in real ways!”

“Amazing! Found 2 books I needed that I could not find within minutes.”

“1st class”

“Because the staff is very welcoming, polite, cooperative and supportive and well-behaved. They made the effort to address the issues. They are all very well-trained.”

“Staff are always really friendly, helpful + understanding even when my questions are daft or incoherent. They’re angels.”

“This is a very friendly and welcoming library. The librarian is always really nice!”

“Always friendly. Keep up the excellent work! Service is always friendly and staff go the extra mile to help!”

“Always helpful & willing, and always nice to be welcomed :-)”

“Thanks for answering all my super dumb questions! :)”

“Everyone is wonderful”

“Yes, very great staff 🙂 I highly value the continuous help of the library staff!”

“The library staff have always been very helpful, whether helping to locate a resource or processing Inter-Library loan requests. Very nice facility as well.”

“They were really helpful and nice!”

“Quality of service is good. Friendly staff”

“Brilliant as ever! Thank you!”


“Service is really good, really friendly staff, always happy to help!”



“It was awesome. I had kind of given up on solving it and they fixed it in like 5 min.”

“Love that you are taking our views into account”

Thank you again for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire, we appreciate all of your comments and value your feedback.

There are many way for you to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. Check our contact us page or email:


“Everyone is wonderful”: Service Desk questionnaire results
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