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Hidden Photobooks Introduction photo

When is a photobook not a photobook?

Throughout September (1st – 30th), and in conjunction with the St Andrews Photography Festival, the University Library will be hosting a display of photography books found outside our photography section. The display will be held on the entrance level of the Main Library, on North Street. All are welcome!

photobooks poster

Poster for the display

My name is Marcus Gray, and as well as running the Library Store I’ll be your photobook guide during the Photography Festival, highlighting a different book from the exhibit every other day with a short blog post of my personal reactions and readings of these books and images.

Copyright law prevents us uploading images from the books, or even their complete covers, so do please come in and see them for yourself – it’s the only way to really appreciate them for what they are.

Meanwhile, we’ll offer some abstracted covers, and the Library’s Instagram page will host a mini-exhibition of some of my own photographs relating to each book, however tangentially.

Please note, some of these photobooks contain images which may disturb and distress. That is their purpose.

NB Don’t worry if some of the books featured in this blog have already been borrowed, you can always recall them, and there will be many more available to browse. And don’t forget the books that actually are located in our amazing photography section on level 4, and those in our Special Collections division which are available to view by appointment in the Napier Reading Room at Martyrs Kirk.



Come along to the Main Library on North Street to take a look for yourself. The Hidden Photobooks display is running from 1 – 30 September and is part of the St Andrews Photography Festival. Everyone is welcome and the event is free. Check out the Library Instagram for photographs Marcus has chosen from his own work to accompany these blog posts. 

The Hidden Photobooks: an introduction to our short series of posts
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