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Level 2 new floor signage

New signage to help you find your way

You’ve told us that our signage wasn’t good enough to help you find books and journals so we are making changes.

Only 76.7% of those who completed our recent Library Satisfaction Survey were satisfied with the signage and some of the comments included:

“making some kind of map/directive for where to find types of books would be helpful”

“I think there should also be a more visible map of the floor stacks – i.e. where to find each classification of book/journal – on the website and on the ground floor of the library near the entrance.”

“possibly on the floor plan which is available online you could put the alphabetical order of the rows where we are to find books, as I struggled my first couple of times trying to orientate myself!!”

This is exactly what we’ve done – we’ve taken the floor plans and faded out most of the detail to reveal where classmarks can be found on each level. As well as displaying these signs on each level, they are available online.

Level 3 floor plan signageNew signage for Level 3

On each level you will find a colour sign which includes classmark or collection information about that level together with grey signs for information about the other two floors.

Level 4 floor plan signage

Our student intern working with the Communications team helped us orientate the signs so you can more easily place yourself in relation to the books and our front-line staff provided invaluable comments and suggestions (thank you!). We will continue to work to improve our signage.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email:

Finding your way