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Florence Langford YSWD winner 2017

Florence Langford, You Said We Did winner

Florence was the lucky winner of £100 Tesco vouchers for filling in one of our feedback cards. Congratulations Florence 🙂 Read all the feedback cards (made anonymous, of course) and our responses on our webpages.

Asked how she felt about the Library, Florence said:

My friends joke that I’m always in here – I live in the Library!

It could do with a bit more space, but if you get here at 9am, you’ll always get your seat. It is also nice on Sunday to look out the window and see people on the lawn – it’s a good break from studies and one that doesn’t mean going on Facebook!

You can fill in a card, tell us how you feel and get the chance to win £100 of vouchers.

YSWD box 2017

Look out for the boxes, they are everywhere (well, on all levels of the Main Library, in St Mary’s, Martyrs and JF Allen).

 If you have any questions, email

You Said We Did feedback card prize draw winner
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