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Love heart sweets

You have stolen our heart, but we are worried that your love isn’t true! From Monday 13th until Tuesday 14th February you can write the Library a letter to express how you feel about us. Poems, a Haiku, rambling prose, or a declaration of love, or hate!

Write a love letter if we are supporting you, being there for you and making your life easier. Write us a break-up letter if we’ve let you down, or if you have turned to the arms of another (Library/internet search) – please tell us why, we want to win you back!

Valentine feedback poster

The campaign will be run in a similar way to the recent Halloween campaign – at the Main Library entrance we will leave large sticky notes and some feather pens for you to write the letters. Please stick the letters up onto the poster. Take our hearts away with you (stress key rings and love hearts sweets!).

heart key rings

We will also have displays in the Library showing some of the items from our General Collections and Special Collections.

Valentine display GC

In the case you will see these items from our General Collections:

If you have any questions or would like to write your letter to us digitally, please email

Be our Valentine? Library love letters and break-up letters
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