The Hidden Photobooks: To Walk in Beauty

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To Walk in Beauty cover

To Walk in Beauty: a Navajo Family’s Journey Home

Stacia Spragg-Braude

Museum of New Mexico Press, Santa Fe, 2009


The first time I saw this photobook I was reminded of Danish photographer Jacob Aue Sobol’s book “Sabine”, where a trip to Denmark to document a hunting community turned into a three year love affair.… Read more

The Hidden Photobooks: Winterreise

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Winterreise cover


Luc Delahaye

Phaidon Press, London, 2003


Luc Delahaye’s extraordinary little book Winterreise, (or winter journey) deals in the same currencies of drugs, violence and utter poverty as Eugene Richards’ cocaine book, though here the location is a pre-millennial Russia, rendered in the consistently strange hues of a mostly un-natural light.… Read more

Library lightboxes

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Library lightboxes

You might have noticed that we’ve been sending some love to you through messages on the Library lightboxes. During summer, looked after by our student intern Alison, the lightboxes have been used to show our encouragement, support and a bit of fun.… Read more

Maths Week Scotland: Update

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Some happy visitors – Dr Isobel Falconer (School of Maths) , Ali Floyd (Science Communicator and Scottish Government’s Maths Week Scotland representative), Professor Ursula Martin (our first female professor, now of Oxford University) and Professor Malcolm Dunn (Physics).

Read more

The Hidden Photobooks: Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue

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Cocaine True cover

Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue

Eugene Richards

Aperture, New York 1994


“Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue”, Eugene Richards’ documentary of the problems facing the drug-flooded communities of East New York, North Philadelphia, and Brooklyn’s Red Hook Housing Project, was “The Wire” before “The Wire”

Presented here in stark black and white are the brutal poverty, the violence, the garbage, the narcotics, and those unfortunate enough to be in their thrall.… Read more

The Hidden Photobooks: The Maze

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The Maze cover

The Maze

Donovan Wylie

Granta Books, London, 2004


IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands’ death, in 1981, was no less shocking for its inevitability.… Read more

Victoria R: the “first media monarch” of modern Britain

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The Library’s Special Collections has recently acquired ten cartes de visite depicting members of the British royal family in the 1860s.… Read more

The Hidden Photobooks: From the Land Comes the Cloth

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From the Land cover

From the Land Comes the Cloth

Ian Lawson

Ian Lawson Books, Lake District, 2015


This could hardly be called a “hidden” photobook at all, dressed in bright blue boards and weighing in at over 4 kg!… Read more

The Hidden Photobooks: New York September 11

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New York cover

New York September 11

Magnum Photographers

PowerHouse Books, New York, 2001


Time and again in these photobooks we come up against that paradox of encountering the most amazing images of the most appalling events.… Read more

The Hidden Photobooks: Marilyn Monroe: An Appreciation

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Marilyn Monroe cover

Marilyn Monroe: An Appreciation

Eve Arnold

Hamish Hamilton, London, 1987


Of our three* Hidden Photobooks with Marilyn Monroe front and centre, this is the finest.… Read more