We now have 10,000 items in our repository!

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This week we reached another milestone – 10,000 items in the University of St Andrews Research Repository (or StARR for short if you prefer).… Read more

Illustrating Austen at 200

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To mark the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen on 18 July 1817, we have a blog from a member of teaching staff in English who frequently brings her classes to use Special Collections material.Read more

Where can you find a 400 year old laundry list, a rhyming love note and a fragment from the King James Bible?

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What sounds like the beginning of a bad joke in fact describes just some of our favourite finds from the first few days working on the Discovering Lost Manuscripts Project at Special Collections.… Read more

Improved Library counter – now with computer availability

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New occupancy counter

You might have noticed that the nice new screen at the Library entrance has a different display! Our colleagues in IT Services have developed our Library counter by improving how it looks and including more information for you.… Read more

Celebrating 330 years of Isaac Newton’s Principia

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Today marks the 330th anniversary of the publication of Sir Isaac Newton’s Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica (often referred to simply as the Principia).… Read more

Interning at the library: Research, Rare Books and Really Old Maps

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The beautiful Martyrs Kirk, church-turned-library.


Research, Rare books and Really old maps
Hello again!… Read more

Finding your way

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Level 2 new floor signage

New signage to help you find your way

You’ve told us that our signage wasn’t good enough to help you find books and journals so we are making changes.… Read more

Lighting the Past Goodbyes!

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On Tuesday, the Special Collections Division of the University of St Andrews Library celebrated the hard work of four Lighting the Past cataloguers who will be leaving the team over the summer.… Read more

Visiting Scholars 2017: Special Collections Show and Tell Events

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We are pleased to announce the details of our Visiting Scholars show and tell events for 2017:

You can learn more about our Visiting Scholars for 2017 below:

Dr Robin Mills (University College London) will conduct research on archival material relevant to his research on the Scottish Enlightenment.… Read more

Brill unlatches 20 open access books

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The academic publisher Brill has announced that it has now published 20 fully open access books funded under the Knowledge Unlatched scheme.… Read more