Orientation tours: who won the iPad?

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Bianca winner of Orientation prize draw

Bianca being given her iPad by Sharon Nangle

The start of semester may feel a long time ago, but remember the Library tour feedback card and chance to win an iPad?… Read more

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Kirsty

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In the last in this series of posts introducing the Open Access Team, we have Kirsty. Kirsty is the newest member of the team, joining the team in 2015.… Read more

Visiting Scholars 2018: James Currie’s “book of Colectiones”

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In the first of the reports from our 2018 Visiting Scholars, Laura Doak, a graduate student working at the University of Glasgow, shares with us her thoughts on James Currie’s “book of Colectiones” from the Hay Fleming Collection held in the University Library’s Special Collections.Read more

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Kyle

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All this week we’ve been peering behind the curtain to get a better look at the Open Access team in the Library.… Read more

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Michael

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In this second post in a series aimed at introducing the Open Access team here at St Andrews, we have Michael.… Read more

Behind the scenes with the OA team: Jackie

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In this first ‘Meet the team’ post we’ll hear from Jackie. Jackie is the Repository & Open Access Services Manager, and oversees the publications side of Pure, the University’s Research Repository, and our journal hosting platform OJS.… Read more

Behind the scenes with the OA team

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In this post we’ll look behind the scenes at the University’s Open Access team. And we will follow this up with posts introducing the individual members of the team.… Read more

Voices from the Vault: Principal Sir James Irvine

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In October 2006 we received the first installment of the papers of Sir James Irvine (UYUY250/Irvine), from Julia Melvin, his granddaughter and biographer.… Read more

SAULCAT unavailable from 0930 – 1600 on Tuesday 16 October 

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Image of search pc

You can continue to access electronic material through SEEKER the A-Z list of databases and the ejournals webpage while SAULCAT is unavailable.… Read more

Sometimes reading helps: books selected with Student Services and Occupational Health

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Shelf Help artwork

If you or someone close to you is going through a difficult time or coping with a condition or stressor, sometimes reading about these situations can help.… Read more