Searching for the Philosopher’s Stone

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The following blog is the account of 10 year old Zachary’s visit to the Library’s Special Collections to see early Alchemical books to help with a school project.Read more

Helping you find your way

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After your feedback, we have made improvements to our signage which we hope will make it easier to see what level of the Library you are on from the stairwell.… Read more

Extended opening hours in St Marys, King James and JF Allen Libraries

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King James Library
The beautiful King James Library from the upstairs balcony. It was originally built in 1643!
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Knowledge Exchange on the costs of Open Access

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The cost of Open Access isn’t a late-breaking field. In 2014 a cost of £9.2m for UK research organisations to achieve RCUK Open Access compliance was quoted [1].… Read more

“Exciting and compelling work placement”

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The Special Collections Division of the University Library has a long tradition of offering volunteering opportunities, internships and work experience for students and school pupils.Read more

Data Management Plans – plan ahead now

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An important component of research data management is a sound data management plan (DMP). It is good practice to have one at the start of any research project, but even more so, many funders now require a DMP (alternatively, a data or resource sharing plan) to be submitted as part of grant applications.… Read more

Help us improve the Library homepage and get £20 Amazon gift card!

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Laptop in King James

The University Library Communications team are looking for participants to take part in focus groups to discuss the current Library homepage:

We are planning to redesign the homepage over the summer and want to make sure it is easy to use and includes the information our users need and want.… Read more

Conference ‘Dress and Décor: Domestic Textiles and Personal Adornment in Scotland up to 1700’

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The University Library Special Collections Division recently contributed to the conference ‘Dress and Décor: Domestic Textiles and Personal Adornment in Scotland up to 1700’.Read more

Rectors of the University of St Andrews, 1993 to present

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Here we conclude our mini-series on Rectors of the University, in this Rectorial installation season, covering the most recent occupants of the role.Read more

Cricketer, Comedians, and Campaigners: Rectors, 1967-1993

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This post continues our mini-series on former Rectors of the University of St Andrews.

Learie Constantine Rectorial drag on the Scores, St Andrews GMC-FN-291-1

Sir Learie Constantine (1967-70) Son of a sugar plantation worker and grandson of a slave, Constantine trained as a barrister, and was the first High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago to London.… Read more