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Visiting Scholars 2014

There were 22 applications for the visiting scholar programme in its inaugural year, 2014.  From the applicants, we were delighted to offer to host the following scholars:

Picture of Lisa BlakeLiza Blake was in St Andrews for almost a month, staying on after having attended an international conference on the history of science here. An Assistant Professor in the Graduate Department of English at the University of Toronto, and in the Department of English and Drama at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada, she works at the intersection of literature, science and philosophy in medieval and early modern literature. Whilst at St Andrews she spent her time in the reading room working through a large number of printed texts relating to early modern literary physics. Thus she ranged broadly through the various named collections of rare books, as well as the Alchemy and general seventeenth century collections, looking especially at astronomical, cosmological and medical texts. More information about Liza can be found on her University of Toronto staff page and on our blog.


Picture of Chris LangleyChris Langley’s two weeks in St Andrews were spent immersed in records of the local burghs and craft guilds. He was doing research on a project on poor relief, and family and community care and was making his first visit to the University of St Andrews library. He teaches early modern British history at Newman University in Birmingham, having moved there from the University of York in summer 2014. More information about Chris can be found on his Newman University profile page. Read about his visit on our blog.



Connor LeahyConor Leahy is based in the University of Cambridge where he is currently studying for a PhD. As an undergraduate at Trinity College, Dublin in 2012, he won English Literature prize in the International Undergraduate Awards for excellence and innovation for his work on ‘Power, conduct and fortune in the alliterative Morte Arthure’, which was described as ‘a virtuoso performance’ by the judging panel. He spent two quiet weeks working on St Andrews alumnus Gavin Douglas, looking primarily at editions of his work and items from the University’s muniment collection. He reflects on his research whilst at St Andrews on our blog.




Alex MuellerAlex Mueller is based in the College of Liberal Arts in the University of Massachusetts, Boston. His areas of expertise are pedagogy, digital textuality, medieval literature, academic commentary and the history of the English language.  He was in St Andrews for three weeks to look specifically at the books owned by early Scottish Humanist Archibald Whitelaw. Of particular interest was a manuscript of Cicero which bears Whitelaw’s annotations. Alex argues that the act of annotating a printed work was to men such as Whitelaw the equivalent of our commenting on facebook posts. Find out more about Alex on his UMB profile page and read about his visit on our blog.


Picture of Douglas OslerDouglas Osler researches at the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History in Frankfurt. He spent the month of July in St Andrews, working on the Identification and inspection of 16th century law books within our collections, with a particular emphasis on book ownership and inscriptions. Douglas is no stranger to St Andrews, having taken his MA here. He also studied at Glasgow University (LLB) and Queen’s College, Cambridge (PhD). More information on Douglas is available on his Max Planck Institute profile page.




Sharin SchroederSharin Schroeder came to St Andrews from Taiwan where she is an Assistant Professor of English in the National Taipei University of Technology. Her research interests include Andrew Lang, Margaret Oliphant, JRR Tolkien, Victorian periodicals, Religious Studies, Victorian and fantasy Literature, Lewis Carroll and autobiography. She received her PhD from the University of Minnesota. Whilst in St Andrews she was largely focussing on the papers of Andrew Lang, with reference to his influence on JRR Tolkien. She used both manuscript and print collections relating to Lang. Read more about Sharin's visit on our blog.




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