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Treasures of the Library on film

In 2010 the University Library, in association with Third Millennium Publishing Ltd., published a stunning book, Treasures of St Andrews University LibraryThe book attempted to widen knowledge of the collections by presenting short, beautifully illustrated essays about 50 of our most treasured items.

Now, in an effort to broaden the audience even further, we are presenting some of the same items via short videos in which the authors of the original articles talk about their treasures.  The first few videos were presented online in the autumn of 2013, and over a period of time the number available will gradually increase, and will offer brief and accessible guides to some of our most important and exciting items.

Treasures of the Library 1: Gilbert Francklyn,
Observations on the abolition of the slave trade

Professor Lorna Milne talks about Gilbert Francklyn's Observations, occasioned by the attempts made in England to effect the abolition of the slave trade, 1788. (rHT1098.O3(SR))


Treasures of the Library 2: The Roll of Kings

Dr Margaret Connolly talks about the Genealogical Roll of the Kings of England, 15th century.  (ms38660)


Treasures of the Library 3: Statutes of St Leonard's

Dr Christine McGladdery talks about the Statutes of St Leonard's College, 1544.  (UYSL165/2)


Treasures of the Library 4: The St Andrews Psalter

Dr Julian Luxford talks about the St Andrews Psalter, c.1425-1475. (msBX2033.A00)


Treasures of the Library 5: D'Arcy Thompson, On growth and form

Dr Martin Milner talks about D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's annotated copy of On Growth and Form, 1942. (ms42363-4)


Treasures of the Library 7: Bustan of Sa'di

Moira Mackenzie talks about the Bustan of Sa'di, late 18th century, (ms31(O)).


Treasures of the Library 8: John Thomson, Through Cyprus with the Camera

Dr Luke Gartlan talks about John Thomson's Through Cyprus with the Camera, 1879. Photo DS54.T5(2 vols).