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Wedderburn Collection now on SAULCAT

Friday 06 February 2015

Image from Wed QK41.B7

The Rare Books Team is pleased to announce that the Wedderburn Collection of rare books is now fully catalogued on SAULCAT.  It is the first collection to have been completed under Cataloguing the World, an externally funded project to catalogue historic scientific collections at the University of St Andrews. 

Although the majority of the Wedderburn collection was previously accessible via SAULCAT, the records were created according to outdated cataloguing rules and used non-standard headings, making them more difficult to retrieve in author and subject searches.  All of the headings have now been brought up to date, our holdings reported to the ESTC, and additional information about binding and provenance added to the catalogue. Internally, this cataloguing project has allowed us to record detailed notes about the physical condition and preservation needs of the collection.

The Wedderburn collection was the bequest of Sir John Wedderburn (1599-1679), Regent of St Leonard's College and physician to Charles I, made in 1679 to St Leonard's College.  The collection consists of 136 volumes, including 7 incunabula, and medical books of the 15th-17th centuries. It includes a coloured copy of Hieronymus Bock, De Stirpium Nomenclaturis, Strasbourg, 1552.

In the next few days, we look forward to announcing the completion of the Simson Collection, which was previously only accessible via the Guardbook catalogue, so watch this space!