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On 3 May 1864, a carved walnut desk was presented to George Edward Day, Chandos Professor of Medicine at the University of St Andrews, upon his retirement. The desk, along with a 20-volume set of George Cuvier's Le Règne Animal and a photographic testimonial album, was the gift of 158 graduates of the University of St Andrews “in token of their hearty appreciation of his distinguished position in science literature and medicine, and in grateful recognition of the eminent services rendered by him during 14 years, in which as Chandos Professor of Medicine and the leading medical representative of the University, he maintained the honor, the interests and the dignity of Alma Mater.”

This 20-volume set of Cuvier's Le Règne Animal Distribué d'Après son Organisation, was presented to the University along with the photographic testimonial album and wooden carved desk in 2013 by the descendants of William Roger, woodcarver of the desk. The books are housed within the desk, which is kept in the Principal's house, and can be recalled for consultation at any time. The photographic testimonial album is kept in Special Collections and is curated by the Photographic Collection.

The classmark for this collection has the prefix Day and can be found on the online catalogue here.


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