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The standard history of the University is R G Cant, The University of St Andrews: a short history (St Andrews : Strathmartine Trust, 2002). There is also the beautifully illustrated Ever to Excel: an illustrated history of the University of St Andrews by Norman H. Reid (Dundee, 2011).

Selections from the records have been transcribed and edited for publication and often include translations from Latin and useful commentaries. Other publications focus on particular areas of the collection or of the University story. Extracts from the archive are regularly included in articles in University publications for staff, students and alumni.

Short book list:

  • R.G. Cant, The College of St Salvator (Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1950).
  • J. Herkless and R.K. Hannay, The College of St Leonard (Edinburgh, William Blackwood and sons, 1905).
  • A.I. Dunlop (ed.), Acta facultatis artium Universitatis Sanctandree, 1413-1588 (Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1964).
  • J.M. Anderson (ed.), Early records of the University of St Andrews: the graduation roll 1413-1579 and the matriculation roll 1473-1579 (Edinburgh, Scottish History Society, 1926).
  • J.M. Anderson (ed.), The matriculation roll of the University of St Andrews 1747-1897 (Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1905).
  • R.N. Smart, 'Literate Ladies - a fifty year experiment', in St Andrews University Alumnus Chronicle, 1968 (no.59), pp21-31.
  • Votiva tabella: a memorial volume of St Andrews University in connection with its Quincenterary festival, 1411-1911. (Glasgow, Robert Maclehose and Co., 1911).
  • J.S.G. Blair, History of medicine in the University of St Andrews (Edinburgh, Scottish Academic Press, 1987).
  • W.C. Dickinson (ed.), Two students at St Andrews 1711-1716 (Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1952).
  • Duncan Dewar, a student of St Andrews 100 years ago: his accounts. With a commentary by Sir Peter Redford Scott Lang. (Glasgow, Jackson, Wylie and Co., 1926).
  • J.B. Salmond (ed): Veterum laudes: being a tribute to the achievements of the members of St Salvator's College during five hundred years 1450-1950 (Edinburgh, 1950).
  • R.N. Smart, Biographical Register of the University of St Andrews, 1747-1897 (St Andrews, 2004).
  • R.N. Smart, Biographical Register of the University of St Andrews, 1579-1746 (St Andrews, 2012).
  • N. Reid et al. (eds.), Treasures of St Andrews University Library (London, 2010)

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