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It is sometimes forgotten that a vital part of the activity of the University of St Andrews took part across the river Tay in Dundee. At a time when there was no road bridge, the train formed the main means of travel between the two halves of the University.

University College, Dundee was founded by a deed of endowment of Miss Mary Anne Baxter on 31 December 1881 and was officially opened in 1883. It was to be a comprehensive 'university college' to teach both men and women in a wide variety of subjects except divinity and medicine. Students were allowed to matriculate at St Andrews from 1885, but it was not until 1897 that more formal links were resolved into incorporation of University College Dundee within the University of St Andrews. The Conjoint School of Medicine opened in 1898. In 1954, Queen's College Dundee was formed from University College, the Medical School, the Dental School and Dundee School of Economics. In 1967 Queen's College Dundee became independent of St Andrews as the University of Dundee by Royal Charter.

There was some duplication in subjects taught in both Dundee and St Andrews up to 1967. However, in general terms, Dundee was always the site of practical subjects such as engineering, clinical medicine, law, education and dentistry, with St Andrews focussing more on the arts and humanities and pure science. Whether or not students studied in both places or just one, they would still attain a St Andrews degree, up to 1967.

There is a small amount of material within the Dundee Colleges section of the muniments, but there are references to Dundee to be found throughout the records. The main archive of the University of Dundee is held by the University of Dundee Archive, Records Management and Museums Service.

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