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St Salvator's College, or 'the Old College' as it came to be known, was founded by James Kennedy, Bishop of St Andrews in 1450. It was as much a religious as an educational institution. It was originally intended for the study of Theology and of Arts as a preparation for Theology.

The foundation included a Provost, who was required to be a Doctor of Theology, and two Canons, the senior being a Licentiate and the junior a Bachelor of Theology. The other teachers were 4 regents, Masters of Arts and students of Theology, two of whom were to lecture in Logic and the Philosophies. From 1500 the foundation also included a Lecturer in Canon Law. The buildings of the college were on the corner of North Street and Butts Wynd and based around the Collegiate Church, founded in 1460.

The records of St Salvator's College include charters and deeds, inventories and cartularies relating to the college's land in St Andrews and surrounding parishes.

The collection also includes:

  • miscellaneous papers covering subjects such as the foundation and gifts by Bishop Kennedy, 1450-70
  • the College's privilege of confirming testaments, 1574-1609
  • institutions to benefices, 1444-1650
  • visitations, 1597-1719
  • admission of masters and regents, 1565-1722
  • statutes, 1411-1691

A small number of papers relate to officers and staff (1583-1733) and students and bursaries. Financial material includes diet books dating from 1696-1747. There is only a small amount of material relating to teaching, but this does include a proposal for a course in Natural Philosophy, c. 1700.

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