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Special Collections holds records from several local schools, the main deposit being from Madras College in St Andrews, as well as Waid Academy (msdep136) in Anstruther and Perth Academy, and plans for St Leonards School, St Andrews.

Madras College and Madras Trust

(ms37023; ms37601-37627; msdep13; ms38375; ms38438;  ms38495)

Madras College was founded by the eminent educationalist Andrew Bell in 1832, as an experiment in the Madras system he had experienced in India. It is now the state secondary school for the St Andrews area. The papers relate to the foundation, building and running of the school in the 19th and early 20th centuries, including an important set of architectural plans by the eminent architect, William Burn.

The Library also holds substantial papers relating to the administration of the Madras Trust, through which Andrew Bell effected the foundation and running of the school, and which is still an active body.

The collection is partly listed on the online catalogue, with an ongoing project to finish listing.

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