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Gerald Finzi (ms39420-39470, ms36041-36219)

Images of the Gerald Finzi collection

Gerald Finzi  was a composer, mainly of songs, choral works, and some instrumental works. He studied music from an early age and soon began to compose. Throughout his life he liked to set the words of authors and poets such as Thomas Hardy and William Wordsworth to music.

The collection consists mainly of letters to Finzi, and 18th century manuscript scores currently housed with books and printed scores in the Finzi Music Collection.

A hard-copy catalogue of works, card index to letters, is available, Finzi catalogue (PDF, 4,510 KB)

Thanks to the assistance of the Gerald Finzi Trust, we have been able to digitise a selection Finzi papers - this selection comprises most of the manuscripts of 18th century music in 20th century hands. They can be viewed online here.

See also letters from Finzi to Cedric Thorpe Davie within the Cedric Thorpe Davie collection.

For more information see the Finzi Trust and the Gerald Finzi official website.

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