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Simson family of Brunton and Blairstruie (ms30347-30354)

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The Simson family has been associated with Fife for many generations. George Simson joined the east India Company in 1783, made his fortune there, and returned to England to stand as MP for Maidstone, and help his step-brother William purchase Pitcorthie estate. Many of the papers deal with George’s claim to this estate on the death of William. He had set up a bank, Bruce, Simson & Co, in London but it failed and the family fortunes declined dramatically. His sons served in the EIC or in the Indian Civil Service, and there are many letters between family members in Scotland and India. Their descendents returned to Brunton and St Andrews by the end of the 19th century.

Other archives include correspondence, accounts, titles for estates in Fife and the South of England and India, diaries, scrapbook on Golf in St Andrews, Maidstone elections of 1806-1808 and commonplace books.

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