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Erskines of Cambo (msdep97)

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The estate of Cambo had been granted by William the Lion to Robert de Newenham, a Northumbrian lord, in the 12th century. It passed through the hands of the Lindsays and Mertons before Sir Charles Erskine bought the estate of Cambo in 1668; he was Lyon Lyon King at Arms and second son of the third earl of Kellie. The family have lived on the estate ever since.

Many of the family archives were lost in a fire which burnt down the original Cambo House in 1878. The present house was built in 1880.

Papers include estate papers for Cambo and Kellie, rentals, correspondence and accounts, business papers for Erskine & Co, Sweden, military papers of David Leslie dating from the 17th to the 19th century.

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