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Recent additions

Recent additions

We are actively building our collections, in order to extend the depth and extent of resources for research in areas which are our collection strengths. We expand our holdings in line with our collections policy, which is part of the wider Library’s collections policy.

We are delighted to receive gifts of material which fits with our existing holdings. These come from alumni and friends of the University as well as from those who have no previous connection with St Andrews. Sometimes it is not possible to give material to us outright, but it is appropriate to deposit it so that it can be used for research. Specific agreements can be drawn up in these cases, although we always prefer an outright gift. Finally, we have a small purchase budget which we use carefully to buy special items to be used in teaching and research.

Whilst we cannot advertise all our new accessions here, we will try to bring to your notice the most important.

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Current projects

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