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'Inventoried papers' is the name given in former times to the bundled loose papers, which belonged to each college of the University and to the University as a whole. They often relate to lands and privileges and contain both early and significant individual items.  They were listed at bundle level as early as 1782.

Recently some of these papers have been re-examined and listed at item level. We were delighted to be able to take advantage in particular of the History of the Universities project and of the excellent PhD students working on this and related subjects. With help from the Library, between 2007-2010, we were able to fund short-term listing projects to tackle the inventoried papers of the Colleges.  The specialist skills of these students in palaeography and Latin were ideally suited to this task and they produced high quality catalogue records for 725 items from St Salvator's College and 463 items from St Leonard's College. There remains more work to be done on St Mary's and the United College. Over 100 descriptions were added to the archive catalogue during this project.

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