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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue

Digital Humanities Projects at St Andrews


Title Principal Investigator School/Unit
Ancient & Modern Rhetoric Dr Jon Hesk Classics
Arab Cultural Semantics in Transition Dr Kirill Dmitriev Arabic
Art Explaining Semiconductors Nedyalka Panova Physics & Astronomy
Biographical Register of the University of St Andrews 1747-1897 Dr Alice Crawford University Library
Bridges Collection Dr Rebecca Sweetman Classics & Art History
Canterbury Court Records Project Sarah White; Professor John Hudson; History
The Christianization of the Peloponnese image database Dr Rebecca Sweetman Classics
Corpus of Medieval Parish Churches Professor Richard Fawcett Art History
CSEAR Dr Lynn Christie CSEAR (Management)
Daniele Barbaro (1514-70): In and Beyond the Text Dr Laura Moretti Art History
Defining & Identifying Middle-Eastern Christian Communities in Europe Dr Fiona McCallum International Relations
Developing Photopoetry Professor Robert Crawford, Dr Michael Nott English, Computer Science, University Library
Enlightenment Reading Elena den Brok, Dr Alice Crawford University Library
EULAC MUSEUMS: Museums Community and Sustainability Dr Karen E. Brown Art History
GOALS Project (online computer-assisted language learning tool) Annette Zimmermann Modern Languages

Grímnismál digital edition 

Dr Vittorio Mattioli History
Image Database Dr Birgit Plietzsch Research Computing
Intellectual History Archive Dr Kris Grint History
In vino veritas? Alcohol and its spaces in fascist Italy Dr Kate Ferris History
Islamisation of Anatolia Dr Andrew Peacock History
Journalism of Ramón Gómez de la Serna Dr Ricardo Fernández Spanish
King James Library Digital Exhibition Dr Alice Crawford University Library
Library Borrowing Registers Transcription Project Dr Alice Crawford, Caitlin Price, Elena Den Brok, Elizabeth Antell. University Library
Leverhulme International Network for Contemporary Studies (LINCS) Professor Margaret-Anne Hutton Modern Languages
Literary Interactions under Nerva Trajan and Hadrian Dr Alice König Classics
Open Virtual Worlds Dr Colin Allison, Dr Alan Miller, Dr Rebecca Sweetman Computer Science, Classics
Panegyrici Latini Dr Roger Rees Classics
PIP: Practise Intonation & Pronunciation Annette Zimmermann Modern Languages
Printmaking in Scotland in the 18th Century Ann Gunn Art History
The Pronunciamiento in Independent Mexico Professor Will Fowler Spanish
Publishing the Philosophical Transactions Dr Aileen Fyfe History
ReadMe! and ReadMe! for English Dr Margaret Connolly, Rachel Hart, Dr Alan Miller, Dr Ian Oliver English, University Library, Computer Science
Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707 Dr Gillian MacIntosh History/ National Registers of Scotland (NRS)
Rethinking Late Hellenistic Literature in the Second Sophistic Professor Jason König Classics
RomaInterbellum Professor Elena Marushiakova; Professor Vaselin Popov; Dr Aleksandar G. Marinov History
Smart History, Virtual Time Binoculars: Edinburgh 1544 Dr Alan Miller, Sarah Kennedy, Dr John McCaffery, Dr Iain Oliver, Catherin Anne Cassidy, Professor Richard Fawcett, Dr Bess Rhodes Computer Science, Art History, History
Spanish Literature Toolbooks Bernard Bentley Spanish
St Andrews Digital Collections Dr Alice Crawford, Dr Birgit Plietzsch University Library, Research Computing
Theatre in Saint-Domingue, 1764-1791 Dr Julia Prest French
The Stuff of Science Fiction Uta Hinrichs (Univ. of St Andrews), Stefania Forlini (Univ. of Calgary), Bridget Moynihan (Univ. of Edinburgh), John Brosz (Univ. of Calgary) Computer Science (collaborative project with the University of Calgary)
Thinking 3D Dr Laura Moretti, Daryl Green Art History
Trajan's Column Dr Jon Coulston Classics
Universal Short Title Catalogue Professor Andrew Pettegree, Dr Graeme Kemp, Dr Malcolm Walsby History
Visualising War Dr Alice König, Dr Nicolas Wiater Classics