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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue


Library bags

Standard and small Library bags 2014

Own the Library bag!

Black jute/canvas material, which is ethically produced, waterproof laminated lining, white printing with the Library and University logos. The Bags are available as small or standard

The small bag is 20cm x 20cm x 15cm with 26cm black handles. Perfect for carrying lunch! £2

The standard bag is 42cm x 34cm x 15cm with 60cm black handles that can go over the shoulder. £3

Combined Special Offer: Buy a little Library bag with a standard Library bag and save money! With this combination deal you get both bags for only £4.







Or buy an I Love My Library bag. These Library bags are “Bags of Ethics” bags which means they are environmentally friendly and fair trade. The bags are made of thick and durable black canvas with a bright red cotton lining. We have extra-long, strong but comfortable, webbed handles, so the bag fits on the shoulder too. Dimensions: 38cm w & 42 cm h, 15 cm deep.

The bag costs £5. Buy your Library bag!


Most publications may be purchased from the University's Online Payment Services.  Alternatively, please send your order, enclosing a cheque (in pounds sterling) made payable to the 'University of St Andrews', to:

The University Library
North Street
St Andrews
KY16 9TR

 Treasures of St Andrews University Library

 image of the Treasure book

Staff of the Library's Special Collections (2010)
£15.00 (With p&p: UK £3.00)

Buy the Treasures book.

St Andrew and Scotland

Limited supply

Ursula Hall (1994)
ISBN 0 900897 12 0
£15.50 (With p&p: UK £16.50, Overseas £17.50)

St Andrews University Register 1747-1899

Robert Smart (2004)
ISBN 0 900896 18 X
£90 (including UK p&p)

Overseas purchasers please contact the Library Secretary.

St Andrews in 1793 and 1838: the First and Second Statistical Accounts

Ronald G Cant (1991)
ISBN 0 900897 07 4
£4.50 (With p&p: UK £5.50, Overseas £6.50)

The Carved Stones of St Andrews

Mary M Innes (1992)
ISBN 0 900897 10 4
£7.00 (With p&p: UK £8.00, Overseas £9.00)

The Coins of St Andrews

Veronica Smart (1991)
ISBN 0 900897 09 0
£5.00 (With p&p: UK £6.00, Overseas £7.00)

Living in St Andrews

Catherine Forrest (1996)
ISBN 0 900897 14 7
£20.00 (With p&p: UK £22.00, Overseas £23.50)

Celebrating a Centenary: University Hall 1896-1996

Lorna Walker (1996)
ISBN 0 900897 15 5
£6.00. (With p&p £7.75, Overseas £9.00)

Sheriffs of Scotland - An Interim List to c.1306

Norman H Reid & G S W Barrow (2002)
ISBN 0 900997 17 1
£5.00 (With p&p: UK £6.00, Overseas £7.00)

Guide to Commemorative Plaques in St Andrews

University of St Andrews (1993)
£2.00 (With p&p: UK £2.50, Overseas £3.50)

Dame Louisa Innes Lumsden: A Pioneer

Lorna Walker (1996)
ISBN 0900897 16 3
£4.00 (with p&p: UK £5.00, Overseas £6.00)

Pluscarden Abbey: Catalogue of books printed before 1801

DW Doughty (1980)
ISBN 0900897 03 1
£2.00 (With p&p: UK £2.50, Overseas £3.50)

Northern Light: Photographs by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson from the University of St Andrews

Catalogue of an exhibition at Wesleyan University 2003, by Norman Reid, Graham Smith & Stephanie Wiles.
£4.50 (With p&p: UK £5.00, Overseas £6.00)

St Salvator's Chapel: A History and Guide

University of St Andrews (2004)
£4.50 (With p&p: UK £5.00, Overseas £6.00)