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Friends of St Andrews University Library

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Mundus Subterraneus - bookmark

Detail of 'Pyrophylaciorum' from Athanasius Kircher’s Mundus Subterraneus, 1665 (r17f QE25.K5)


By becoming a Friend you can:

  • Participate in an annual programme of events such as lectures, visits and "treasure tours" of Special Collections.
  • Read our newsletter containing details of recent purchases made possible by the Friends, announcements and reports on Friends' activities, and news about the Library generally.
  • Contribute to the improvement and status of the Library and its collections.
  • Benefit from half-price annual membership of the Library (£15.00).

Membership is open to anyone interested in the University of St Andrews Library and costs £20.00 per year (August 1 - July 31).

Please return a Friends of St Andrews University Library membership form (PDF, 1,282 KB)  to: Friends of the Library, University of St Andrews Library, North St, St Andrews,  KY16 9TR.

Or you can subscribe online through the University's Online Payment Services.

Our aims

  • Promoting the reputation of the Library and encouraging interest in its collections.
  • Facilitating the learning and research mission of the Library via  the organisation of scholarly activities.
  • Engaging with the local and academic communities, and the community of interested individuals remote from St Andrews, in the work and mission of the Library.
  • Supporting the Library in its acquisition of rare books, manuscripts and other valuable items.
  • Acting as a channel for gifts of books and manuscripts to enhance the Library's collections.

About the Library

Oliphant Library

The Library (The King James Library), ca. 1767 by James Oliphant

The University of St Andrews Library has its origins in the fifteenth century in the separate libraries of the colleges of St Leonard, St Salvator and St Mary, which were founded before the University itself.  These formed the first collections of books within the institution, and were significantly enhanced in 1611-1612 when King James VI and I and members of his family presented over 200 volumes to the University to mark the founding of the Common Library.  

We have exceptional Special Collections, for example eighteenth-century material, with a special emphasis on the Scottish Enlightenment, one of the largest and most important collections of historic photography in Scotland, and rich manuscript holdings, ranging from Greek papyri and medieval philosophical treatises to modern business records.

Local history publications

You may be interested in some of the Library's local history publications. A full list is available on the Library's Publications page and most can be purchased online from the University's Online Payment Services, or by contacting us for more information.