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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue

Helpdesk services

student at Library Service Desk

We have grouped the services put forward for Customer Service Excellence accreditation under the following 3 themes:

Enquiries, support & outreach


Access to resources









Our Partners

Most spaces and services you find and use in the Library are managed by Library staff. However, some facilities are primarily looked after by our partners. You can always contact Library staff at any of our Service Desks but if we can't help, we will make sure we put you in touch with the people who can.

Printers, photocopiers and scanners

photo of print copy scan machines


All levels of the Main Library, in St Mary's College Library, Martyrs, JF Allen Library.

Who to contact

Looked after by IT Services.

Ask at the Service Desk in the Main Library or email

IT Services can help with questions about print top-ups, credits, print jobs, etc.

Assistive Technology Room

photo of Assistive Technology Room in Main Library


Level 2 Main Library


Who to contact

For access to this room, please contact Student Services, email:

If there are any problems with the machines or software packages, please get in touch with IT Services, email:


photo of coffee machine in cafe


Level 2 Main Library


Who to contact

Managed by Residential and Business Services.

Any questions about opening hours, selection of food/drinks available, vending machines etc, please email:

Bike racks

photo of bike rack at Library


Beside the Main Library entrance as you approach from North Street. Other racks and railings near the Library.

Library lawn

Photo of students sitting on Library lawn


At the side of the Main Library next to the Arts Building.

Who to contact

Racks and left bikes are managed by our colleagues in Estates. If you have any questions about space for your bike or what happens when bikes are left, please email:

Who to contact

This space may be used for gatherings or events. Prior agreement and arrangements must initially be made with Estates. For information on the types of events allowed in these different areas, please email the University Security Manager: