Food handling guidelines

These guidelines for good practice in the handling of food should be followed by everyone offering food for sale or consumption on University grounds.

Food that has been prepared at home or in student accommodation can provide good opportunities for organisations to raise money, however, as in any situation where food is being prepared and offered for consumption or sale to the general public, caution must be exercised to provide safe food. When customers purchase the food, they have the right to expect that it will have been as safely prepared as possible.

In contrast to commercial kitchens, which are purpose built with safety in mind, domestic kitchens are often a centre of family life and serve many different purposes, from a place to feed the family or flatmates to somewhere to clean dirty Wellington boots. The commercial use of the kitchen you are using must take priority over other domestic uses, and the facilities should not be used for washing clothes or feeding pets at the same time that you are preparing food for your business purposes. Only the people involved in making the food should be allowed in the kitchen at that time.

It is important to remember that, under the right conditions, any food can cause foodborne illness. The following recommendations will assure the success of your event both through sales and food safety.