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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue

Short Loan Collection

The Short Loan Collection holds books which have been identified as "prescribed reading" by academic staff, and which are likely to be in demand by large numbers of students for essay or tutorial preparation.  These books may be borrowed for four hours at a time, and must be returned for use by other readers at the end of that period.

The Collection is self-service, and students may enter the Short Loan shelving area to select their books themselves.  Books should be borrowed via the self-issue machine.  There is a photocopier within the Short Loan Collection if you would prefer to photocopy the chapter or article to which you have been referred. (See the Library's Copyright Information page for information on what can be photocopied.)

Guidelines for teaching staff: How to place a book in the Short Loan Collection

Please ...

  • Submit your completed Short Loan Request forms as early as possible, especially during August-October and December-January.
  • Give a minimum of three weeks' notice (essential for finding, recalling and processing all items on your list).
  • Allow more time at peak times, e.g. the beginning of semesters, when Short Loan staff are especially busy.
  • Restrict your list to essential texts (30% of the Short Loan Collection is borrowed six times or fewer during the year; 10% is unused)
  • Check the usage figures you receive from the Library for the previous year and amend your list(s) accordingly. Texts used six times or less during the previous year are removed.
  • Check that the titles on your list are held by the Library.
  • For any text not held, ensure that it has been ordered and that staff know the book is destined for Short Loan and have the appropriate course module number.
  • If a Book Order Request Procedure (Word, 25 KB) needs to be placed, you should allow up to six weeks for British titles to arrive, and considerably longer for overseas publications.
  • Indicate on your Short Loan request form which books, if any, are on order.
  • Periodical articles: if these are available electronically, the online link will be provided.  If not, it is usually possible for the Library to obtain copyright cleared copies which can be scanned and placed on the relevant MMS module page.
  • Non-copyright material - e.g. lecture notes, links to personal / School web pages - can be included if you provide stable URLs.
  • Ensure that your reading lists clearly indicate which items are held on Short Loan.
  • If necessary, delay the printing/distribution of reading lists until after discussing your requirements with Short Loan staff.


  • Complete a Short Loan Request form (copy and paste information from SAULCAT).
  • Ensure that all details are filled in, including the destination Library at the top of the form.
  • Email to appropriate Library - Main Library or (St Mary's College Library; Divinity; Medieval History and Psychology honours).

Any questions?

Please contact the Short Loan staff who will be happy to help.

Main Library

Telephone: 2285

St Mary's College Library

Telephone: 2855