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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue

Runciman Collection

Sir Steven Runciman, historian of the Crusades and specialist in Byzantine history, died in 2000 and bequeathed his collection of books relating to Near and Middle Eastern art, architecture, history and travel to us.

About 4000 volumes are now availabe for you to use, reflecting the diversity of Runciman's research interests. The main subject areas are the Byzantine Empire (history, literature and art), Balkan history and art, and the Crusades. Early travel literature relating to the Middle East and the Balkans is also included, and other subjects include the Greek Orthodox Church, medieval art and architecture, and magic.

Around half the material is written in English, with French, Greek, Bulgarian, Latin and German being the main other source languages, but there are items in a wide variety of other languages, from Italian and Romanian to Armenian and Arabic.

The books can be found at appropriate classmarks on the shelves in the Main Library. See online for a full list of titles