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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue

DVDs and multimedia materials

The Library holds over 4,000 DVDs and around 2,500 videos.  These are primarily selected to support the Department of Film Studies, but there is also material selected by and relevant to various other Schools and Departments (e.g. English, History, French, Spanish, German).  The collection contains feature films, drama and a wide range of documentary material.  There are also some audio CDs, audio cassettes and a few data DVDs.


DVDs and multimedia materials are located on Level 2 of the Main Library


The collection is arranged according to Library of Congress classification, the same as the book stock.  Feature films are classified by title within chronological sequences.  The two main sequences are:

dvd PN1997   Twentieth century feature films in A-Z order
dvd PN1997.2  Twenty-first century feature films in A-Z order

Documentaries are given the classmark for their particular subject


dvd D802.F8S7  Sorrow and the pity (documentary on occupied France in World War II)
dvd RC394.A5U5 Unknown white male (documentary on missing persons)

How audio-visual material is described in the Library collections

Audio-visual materials (DVDs, video-recordings etc) are described using extra elements to provide specialist information.  These include the names of directors, stars and authors of the original literary work, as well as country of production, date of original publication, genre, subject headings and technical details.  Contentinformation for most feature films is provided via a link to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). An example can be found at

RSS feed

An RSS feed is available to notify you about new DVDs acquired by the Library.


DVD and video playback equipment with integral headphones is provided on Level 2 beside the Audio-Visual Collection.  The remote controls for this equipment are available from the IT Service Desk on Level 2 during service hours.


  • Most items in the Audio-Visual Collection may be borrowed either on 3-Day Loan, or for periods of 4 hours from Short Loan. 
  • DVDs and video cassettes may only be borrowed by current staff and students of the University.
  • All borrowable items can be issued via the self-issue machines (with the exception of video cassettes and Certificate 18 items, which have to be issued at the Service Desk on Level 2).
  • Borrowing of Certificate 18 items is restricted to users aged 18 and over.


av             videos                    Level 2
avc audio CDs Level 2
avm multimedia Level 2
avs slides Level 2
avt audio cassettes Level 2
dv data DVDs Level 2
dvd DVDs Level 2

DVD region codes

The DVD collection contains material from many different countries.  The Library's DVD players are all multi-regional and can handle all discs, regardless of region codes.  Standard DVD players in the UK, however, usually only accept Region 2 and Region 0 discs. Be aware of this when you borrow items to play on a personal machine!  If your DVD player is not multi-regional, a disc with any other coding is unlikely to play on it.  DVDs without region codes are likely to come from the USA, and will be Region 1.  You will find the region code on the DVD itself, and also on the reverse of the container.  They are also contained in the Library's catalogue record.  Region codes look like this:

Region codes for DVDs

Region 1 USA, Canada
Region 2 Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Japan, Greenland
Region 3 South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, parts of S.E. Asia
Region 4 Australia, New Zealand, Latin America (including Mexico)
Region 5 Eastern Europe, Russia, India, Africa
Region 6 China
Region 7 Reserved for unspecified special use
Region 8 Reserved for cruise ships, airlines etc.
Region 0 or Region ALL Discs uncoded, and can usually be played worldwide


These are the standard British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) codes in current use.  They are recorded in the Library's catalogue records wherever possible.

DVD certificates

Fault reporting

Please report any faults with Library audio-visual material or equipment to the IT Service Desk on Level 2.

Updated 22 December 2010