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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue


1 Introduction

1.1  The Director of Library Services is responsible to the Court for the management of University Library services, reporting to the Executive through the Vice Principal. Under the overall direction of the Director of Library Services, it is the responsibility of Library staff to provide appropriate services and to safeguard the libraries and their contents.

1.2  The Library User Groups includes representatives of teaching and research staff, students and Library staff.  Their function is to represent users' views and to offer help and advice to senior Library staff on all matters affecting library and related information services within the University.

1.3  These regulations apply to use of the following libraries, which come under the management of the University Library: Main Library; The Richardson Research Library at Martyrs Kirk; St Mary’s Library (including King James Library); JF Allen Library. Any member of the University may use the resources and services of any of its libraries.

2 Membership

2.1   The following are entitled to membership of the Library and may borrow items up to the number shown:

a)  Members of the Court and staff of this University (50 items);

b)  Postgraduate students (40 items);

c)  Undergraduate students (25 items);

d)  Retired staff (30 items);

e)  Graduates of the University, on payment of a £20 annual subscription  (10 items).

2.2   At the discretion of the Director of Library Services (or a designated deputy), the following may be granted membership and the right to borrow items up to the number shown:

f)  Staff and students of the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay Dundee (6 items);

g)  Members of the SCONUL Access scheme, categories A, B & C (6 items);

h)  Individuals wishing to make use of the Library for their private research or recreational interests, on payment of a £30 (or £40 if the subscriber does not have a valid email address) annual subscription (10 items);

i)  Senior pupils (S5 or S6) of Fife schools (6 items).   

2.3  Access to the Library without the right to borrow may be granted to members of the public at no charge.

3 Registration

3.1   All members will be provided with a Membership Card. This card must be carried on each visit to the Library and produced in order to gain access through the security gates, to borrow items or at request of a member of Library staff.

3.2   All changes of address must be reported as soon as possible to the Help Desk.

4 Hours of opening

Current opening times for all of the University's library sites are advertised on the Library's website.

4.1  In the Main Library, an announcement will be made via the public address system 15 minutes and 5 minutes before the building closes. At that time all users in the building must prepare to leave immediately.

All borrowing must be completed by 15 minutes before closing time, at which point self-service issue machines will be closed down.

No users will be admitted to the building in the final 15 minutes of opening.

5 Borrowing

In this regulation "item" includes all material, in whatever format, which is owned by, or in the custody of, the Library.

5.1   No item may be removed from the Library until its loan has been properly recorded at the appropriate Help Desk or Self-Issue machine.

5.2   Every item lent out is the responsibility of the borrower until it has been duly returned to either the Self-Return machine or the appropriate Help Desk. Items which have been borrowed must not be lent to anyone else and should be returned to the lending library by the date and hour specified.

5.3   Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1984, the University is a Registered Data User. All information which relates to an identifiable living individual and is held in machine-readable form by, or on behalf of, the Library, is registered as being held for the purpose of Library Administration. Such information, unless it is held for the specific purpose of public access (e.g. in a catalogue of Library stock), is normally private to that individual and may not be divulged by Library staff to any third party.

5.4   Information on current borrowing regulations including fine rates can be found at Loan periods, recalls and fines.

5.5   Any item may be recalled within 7 days by another user; in urgent cases a book may be recalled by Library staff at any time.

5.6   Any item, group or class of items may be confined to the Library, or made subject to a shorter period of loan, at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.

5.7  Any user who fails to return an item by the due date, or - in the case of the Short loan Collection - by the hour at which it is due, will be liable to a fine at rates which are fixed from time to time and publicly announced.

5.8 Failure to return items and the non-payment of fines may result in the suspension of borrowing privileges and/or access to Library buildings. For students of the University, it may also lead to a block on matriculation at the start of the following academic year, and to the withholding of the award of a degree by the University.

6 Behaviour

6.1   All users must obey instructions given by the members of Library staff on duty who are deemed to be acting with the authority of the Director of Library Services.

6.2   It is an offence for anyone to behave in a manner likely to affect other users adversely (e.g. by disorderly behaviour, by making unnecessary noise, being perceived by staff to be intoxicated by prior consumption of alcohol or drugs or by persistently failing to return items on time). Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted in any part of the Library’s facilities at any time. Children up to and including the age of 15 must be accompanied by an appropriate adult at all times who will be deemed responsible for the behaviour of any child in their care. Animals, other than guide dogs, may not be brought in to any Library facilities.

Personal music and video players can be used in all areas providing that headphones are used. Users are required to ensure that noise does not filter from headphones in a way that could disturb other people.

Library users are required to clear any waste by using the recycling and other bins provided. Any spills or other damage should be reported to a member of Library staff immediately.

Writing in Library resources in pencil, pen or highlighter is not permitted. Any user found to have defaced Library materials in such a way may be required to meet the cost of replacing the item, including the relevant administration fee.

Locked Library facilities (such as lockers or study rooms) may be inspected from time to time by Library staff, and items stored inappropriately may be removed and additional disciplinary action taken.

Valuable possessions should be kept safe with Library users at all times and study spaces must not be reserved for unreasonable amounts of time.

6.3  Behaviour within specific Library spaces:

Main Library users are permitted to talk, eat and drink, use mobile phones and personal music players in designated zones only and with the following restrictions:

  • Level 2 (General Zone) - talking and group study permitted at levels deemed reasonable by members of Library staff. Non-alcoholic lidded drinks permitted.  At the discretion of Library staff, most cold snacks (fruit, sandwiches, confectionery etc.) can be eaten on this floor but no hot food.  Hot food may only be consumed in the Library cafe. Food and drink should be consumed at study desks/chairs only and not at bookshelves. Mobile phones to be set to silent and non-vibration but can be used to make and receive calls.
  • Levels 3 & 4 (Silent Zones) - no discussion allowed. Non-alcoholic lidded drinks permitted (at study desks/chairs) but no food may be consumed. All food must be kept out of view and off study desks. Mobile phones should be set to silent and non-vibration and can be used for non-call functions only. Phone calls may not be taken or made in the toilets.
  • The main stairwell should be kept as clear as possible due to its use as a fire escape. Users should not loiter, have conversations or make/receive phone calls on the stairwell as noise filters very easily on to the upper floors. Anyone found to be using the stairwell for conversation will be asked by Library staff to move to Level 2.

The Thomson Research Reading Room in The Richardson Research Library at Martyrs Kirk – bottled water only, no food, no discussion. Hot drinks and cold food may be consumed in the foyer of the Kirk where quiet conversation is also permitted. 

The Richardson Research Library at Martyrs Kirk Special Collections Napier Reading Room & New Park Seminar Room – no food or drink (including water) permitted.  Specific regulations on the use of the Special Collections Reading Room can be found on the what to expect page. 

JF Allen Library – lidded drinks, including hot drinks, permitted but no food. No conversation allowed except in group study rooms.

St Mary’s & King James Libraries – lidded drinks, including hot drinks, permitted but no food. No conversation allowed in the King James Library but quiet discussion permitted in the West Room (ground floor).

6.4   If the Director of Library Services or the authorised deputy believes that a user has committed a behavioural offence, immediate action may be taken by excluding the offender from the Library buildings and by withdrawing the right to borrow.

6.5   In the case of a serious offence (e.g. the unauthorised removal of, or damage to, Library books or property; or gross disorderly behaviour), the Director of Library Services or their authorised deputy may, in addition to imposing the penalties listed in 6.4 above:

- require payment to make good any damage or loss

- (for students) impose a fine not exceeding £50

- (for students) consult the Director of Student Services about an extended suspension of borrowing privileges and/or initiating the summary procedures described in the Code of Student Discipline.

6.6   Students of this University have the right of appeal under the Code of Student Discipline to the Director of Student Services; other members of this University may appeal to the Master.

6.7   In the case of a serious offence being committed by other members of the University Library (e.g. registered members of the public), access to Library premises and/or borrowing may be restricted or suspended on a temporary or permanent basis.

6.8  The act of registering as a member of the Library (whether in the course of matriculation or otherwise) carries with it a legal obligation to observe the provisions of the Copyright Designs & Patents Act, 1988. In particular, members thus formally undertake that they will not knowingly make, or ask Library staff to provide, copies which infringe the Act; and acknowledge that neither the University nor the Library can indemnify them against any legal action, whether civil or criminal, which may arise from the making of such infringing copies. The act of registering also implies acceptance of these Library Regulations.