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SAULCAT - St Andrews University Library Catalogue

Library staff A-Z

If calling from outside the University, please add +44 (0)1334 46 to the extensions below.

For general Library enquiries, please go to our 'Contact us' page.

Library Staff Structure Overview (PDF, 222 KB)

Library Staff Divisional Structure (PDF, 607 KB)

Adamson, Carys Academic Liaison / Communications 2316 /4723
Anderson, Caireen Collections (Shelving) 2195
Andrews, Dr Beth Communications 2323
Aucock, Janet Cataloguing 2299
Band, Sandra User Services (Library Service Desk)

Bateman, Dexter Special Collections 2339
Bennett, Kim Acquisitions & E-Resources 2307
Bola, Adivere User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Borger, Eva Digital Research (Research Data Management) 2322
Bovaird, Colin Academic Liaison 2306
Brady, Kyle Digital Research (Open Access & Research Publications Support) 8851
Bryce, Michael Digital Research (Open Access & Research Publications Support) 2320
Bushell, Stephanie Cataloguing 2295
Caldwell, Karen Administration 2293
Campbell, Jane Special Collections 2328
Carrie, Caroline Collections (Shelving) 2195
Chen, Hannah User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Churchill, Paul Collections 2304
Clements, Anna Assistant Director (Digital Research Division) 2761
Collins, David Cataloguing / Theses / E-Theses 2302
Cook, Aileen Acquisitions & E-Resources 2312
Cormie, Vicki Academic Liaison 2314
Crowe, Swithun Digital Research (Research Computing) 2786
Cuthill, Elizabeth Cataloguing 8852
Daly, Megan Collections (Shelving) / (Short Loan / Inter-Library Loans) 2195 / 2287
Dickson, Arlene User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Dickson, Valerie User Services (Library Service Desk) 2283
Dochard, Cheryl Collections 2304
Donaldson, Scott Collections 2287
Dowling, Jonathan Collections (Shelving) 2195
Dumas, Beth Special Collections 2280
Duncan, Alex User Services (Building Operations) 2283
Edgar, Tom User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Fakan, Victoria Acquisitions and E-Resources 2303
Faulds, Helen Collections 2308
Fina, Federica Digital Research (Research Data Management) 2343
Fleming, Lorna Acquisitions and E-Resources 2303
Foote, Catriona Special Collections 2339
Fonseca-Ricardo, Ines Special Collections 7326
Funcke Januschke, Britta Collections 2304
Gil, M Pilar Special Collections 2280
Glancy, Peter User Services (Library Service Desk) / Cataloguing 2331/2291
Gray, Lindsay Special Collections 7326
Gray, Marcus Collections 2304
Greenhill, Julie Special Collections 2339
Hamlyn, Raymond
User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Harding, Dr Briony Special Collections 7326
Hart, Rachel Special Collections 2327
Hawes, Graeme User Services 4723
Herd, Margaret User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Henderson, Elizabeth Special Collections 2325
Hogg, Johanne User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Henderson, Nicole Acquisitions & E-Resources 2313
Houston, Pret User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Jones, David User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Kelham, Charlotte Collections 2309
Kennedy, Neil User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Kettel, Barbara Acquisitions & E-Resources 2303
Kinloch, Lynda User Services (St Mary's Library) 2855
Kitson, Jill User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Knowles, Kirsty Digital Research (Open Access & Research Publications Support) 2294
Kotze, Erica Special Collections 1728
Lockhart, Linda Collections (Shelving) 2195
Logie, Andrew User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Louden, Jennifer Assistant Director (Systems & Resources Division) 2310
Low, Angela Collections (Shelving) 2195
McCann, Patrick Digital Research (Research Computing) 4727
MacColl, John University Librarian & Director of Library Services 2301
MacDonald, Gerardine User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
McEwan, Thomas User Services (Building Operations) 2288
McGarry, Katy User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
MacKay, Lisa Collections (Shelving) 2195
MacKenzie, Moira Special Collections 1726
McNae, Hilda Academic Liaison 2298
Manly, Lauren User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Martin, Edward Special Collections 2280
Martin, Ian Collections (Short Loan / Inter-Library Loans) 2285
Martin, Steve Special Collections 2339/7384
Mayo, Eve User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Miller, Elaine User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Miller, Rhona User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Moriarty, Kate Collections (Short Loan / Inter-Library Loans) 2287
Nangle, Sharon Academic Liaison 2204
Nicol, Kirsty Collections / Academic Liaison 2287 / 2316
Niven, Kerry User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Nordstrom, Rachel Special Collections 7328
Nutt, Lorraine Acquisitions & E-Resources 2311
Peine, Kirsten Cataloguing 2318
Phansons, Caroline Cataloguing 2318
Pidcock, Louise Administration 2297
Pringle, Fiona User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Pritchard, Jen Digital Research 2289
Proven, Jackie Digital Research (Open Access & Research Publications Support) 2319
Rippington, Sean
Special Collections 1729
Ritchie, Hilary Collections 2308
Robinson, Stuart User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Rodriguez, Sarah Special Collections 2339
Ross, Rachel User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Seenan, Fiona User Services (Library Service Desk) 2331
Sewell, Gabriel Assistant Director (Special Collections Division) 2324/2373
Shah, Amina Assistant Director (Liaison & User Services Division) 2286
Sheridan, Maia Special Collections 2341
Sneddon, Caroline Cataloguing 2318
Spiers, Zuzana Cataloguing 2295
Stewart, Hugh User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Stewart, Norman Digital Research 2321
Tarnacki, Rafal User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Thaddeus, Moira User Services (Library Service Desk) / Academic Liaison  2331/2316
Tooze, Judith Collections (Shelving) 2195
Veitch, Iain Cataloguing 2305
Wade, Mark User Services (Building Operations) 2288
Welshman, Linsey Cataloguing 2295
Wemyss, Kaye PA to Director & Administrator 2281
Wilcox, Anne Cataloguing / Acquisitions  2291/2311
Woodcock Kroble, Mary Digital Research (Research Computing) 1768