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Academic Liaison team

Academic Liaison Team 2016

Left to right: Sharon Nangle, Colin Bovaird, Hilda McNae, Moira Thaddeus, Carys Adamson and Vicki Cormie.

We look after the information needs of academic staff and students, and are happy to give advice on all aspects of Library services. Our role is to act as a point of contact between each of the Schools and the Library, and we support literature searching, book selection, referencing software, and using all the library resources and online material.

The team

Vicki Cormie Senior Academic Liaison Librarian 
Hilda McNae Senior Academic Liaison Librarian 
Sharon Nangle Academic Liaison Librarian
Colin Bovaird Academic Liaison Officer
Moira Thaddeus  Library Assistant
Carys Adamson Library Assistant

Liaison areas

We have created guides for all of the subjects we support. Find your guide.


  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Divinity
  • History
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Medicine
  • Modern Languages 
  • Physics & Astronomy (inc. Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics)



  • International Education Institute


  • Classics (Ancient History, Classical Studies, Greek & Latin)
  • Economics & Finance
  • English
  • Geography & Geosciences (Geography & Sustainable Development, Earth & Environmental Sciences)
  • International Relations
  • Management
  • Philosophical, Anthropological & Film Studies (Film Studies, Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Music)
  • Psychology & Neuroscience



How can we help you?

New staff

New academic staff are welcome to contact their Liaison Librarian on their arrival at the University to arrange to have a chat about any aspect of the Library's services. 

Information Skills Teaching

We welcome enquiries from staff about arranging information skills teaching for students in their subject areas. Sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of individual classes. Students are introduced to the key research databases in their disciplines and are helped to use them effectively. They can be shown how to use alerting services, how to evaluate websites, and how to find information about referencing and referencing styles. Training in the use of referencing software such as EndNote and Mendeley is also available.

Please contact the Academic Liaison Librarians if you wish to book one of these courses for your class. Email

Research support

We are keen to work with staff to support their research needs, and to provide guidance in the use of specialist information resources. Further help is also available on the Library's Research Support pages.

We also create guides for each subject and many of the services offered by the Library. Please visit the Subject Guides page.

Library representatives

Each School is asked to nominate a staff member as their Library Representative, preferably a member of academic staff. Library Representatives work closely with the Liaison Librarian for their school to ensure good communication between the school and the Library. This communication is both ways – keeping your school informed of Library matters and keeping the Library informed about the learning, teaching and research needs of your school.

Take a look at the contact details of current reps and guidelines. 

Contact details

Vicki Cormie

Senior Academic Liaison Librarian

01334 462314

Contact details

Hilda McNae

Senior Academic Liaison Librarian

01334 462298

Contact details

Sharon Nangle

Academic Liaison Librarian

01334 462204

Contact details

Colin Bovaird

Academic Liaison Officer

01334 462306

Contact details

Moira Thaddeus

Library Assistant

01334 462316 (pm)

Contact details

Carys Adamson

Library Assistant

01334 462316 (am)