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University-created companies

UK Companies formed and based on St Andrews expertise and technologies




Company Activity

Zero Emission Fuels 2018 SC586613 Development of clean fuel cells
Paraformance Technologies Ltd 2017 SC579101 Development of specialist software for the efficient programming of multicore processors
Astellis 2017 SC580301 Training of professional care staff and home carers in techniques to help care for patients with dementia, Alzheimers and other neurological conditions
Orbital Diagnostics Ltd 2016 SC549676 Rapid Detection Of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) & Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing (AST)
St Andrews Lean Consulting Ltd 2016 SC525513 Bespoke Lean consultancy services to higher education institutions, and public, private, and charitable organisations.
Beyond Medics Ltd 2015 SC516729 Creation of medical imaging and sensing platforms for clinical use.
Ripptide Pharma Ltd 2015 SC515584 Development of a chemoenzymatic process for the efficient production of macrocycles and cyclic peptides, addressing entirely novel areas of chemical space for drug discovery and development.
Pneumagen 2015 SC513979 Development of engineered carbohydrate binding molecules (CBMs) as immunomodulators and anti-virals
Smart History 2015 SC 505093 Provides 3D "open virtual worlds" historical site reconstruction
Razorbill Instruments Ltd 2014 SC489857 Development of a novel nanopositioner that has the potential to transform cryogenic nanopositioning
MOFgen 2013 SC454706 Development of antibacterial metal organic framework (MOF) materials
St Andrews instrumentation Ltd
(previously Marine Instrumentation Ltd)
2012 SC413998 Development of passive acoustic monitoring device for marine surveys -
wholly owned University subsidiary
QRAQRBOX Ltd 2012 SC431161 Contextual information provider to mobile devices
Xelect Ltd 2012 SC438223 Genetic improvement of farmed fish stocks
Genuswave Ltd 2012 SC439230 Acoustic startling and deterrence of marine predators
CIRCA Connect Ltd 2010 SC375556 Development of computer interactive communication aid for those suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia
SOI Ltd 2009 SC357234 Environmental services provider - wholly owned University subsidiary
ADUSDeepocean Ltd (previously Advanced Underwater Systems (ADUS Ltd) 2008 SC340849 3D visulaisation of underwater structures
Petra BioPhotonics Ltd 2008 SC352629 Development of photonic devices for cell interrogation and manipulation
SMRU Ltd 2006 SC29637 Consultancy and service provider in marine sector - wholly owned University subsidiary
St Andrews Fuel Cells Ltd 2005 SC279417 Developing hydrogen fuel cell technology
Ambicare Health Ltd 2004 SC264409 Ambulatory light system for photodynamic therapy
IDMOS Plc 2004 SC272593 Dental device for early detection of caries
Fifex Ltd 2003 SC246468 Displays and exhibits for schools, museums and other installations
NESTech Ltd 2002 SC229183 Technology development and investment
IDMOS Dental Systems Ltd 2001 SC220310 Dental device for early detection of caries
Photosynergy Ltd 2001 SC220986 Development of advanced laser and light sources for optical fibre applications - wholly owned University subsidiary
IC-VEC Ltd 2001 04339696 Biopharmaceutical company focussing on non-viral gene therapy
Aquapharm Bio-Discovery Ltd 2000 SC206116 Marine biotechnology
Connect Archaeology Ltd 2000 04028788 Service company specialising in coastal and underwater archaeology
Pharmaco Healthcare Ltd 2000 SC210350 Drug development
Topaz Environmental and Marine Ltd 2000 SC211719 Environmental and marine consulting services
ELSSS Publishing Ltd 2000 SC212286 Electronic publishing
Bioresins Ltd 1999 SC195527 Biological compound based adhesives
Stalight Ltd 1997 SC174975 Development of lasers and other light-based systems
Tunable Laser Technology Ltd 1997 SC175460 Cost efficient laser systems
Neuropa Ltd 1996 SC165884 Drug development and testing
Caladox Ltd 1994 SC148421 High quality photonic len
Scottish Biomedical  1994 SC151222 Contract R and D for pharmaceutical companies


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