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Company formation

One of the university's aims is to promote the discovery, development and application of knowledge through high quality research. During this process, we will extend current knowledge and produce innovative and novel concepts, which may give rise to commercially viable inventions and solutions.

The university will then decide how best to exploit technology, either through collaborative development with industry, by licensing or spin-out company formation. This gives inventors the opportunity to participate in developing commercial products or services and take them to the market. The creation of new spin-out companies benefits local economic development and can create many new, high-tech jobs in the region. 

The University of St Andrews has an excellent track record in the exploitation of novel science and technology (approximately one third of our patent portfolio is licensed or assigned to commercial partners), and part of this success is due to spin-out company formation.

University of St Andrews spin-out companies

University spinout MOFgen 

University spinout Beyond Medics

Many thanks to the researchers for their input into these videos, which were made by University of St Andrews student Rakhim Rakhimov.