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About us

Knowledge Transfer

"Within a modern, knowledge driven economy, knowledge transfer is about transferring good ideas, research results and skills between universities, other research organisations, business and the wider community to enable innovative new products and services to be developed." Office of Science & Technology

The Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) was established in May 2008 to

  • provide encouragement of, and advice & support to all staff involved in Knowledge Transfer (KT)
  • coordinate a range of KT activities and responses across the University
  • manage, maintain and protect the University's intellectual property and effects its development and consequent transfer to industry through both licensing and the formation of spin-out companies
  • formulate bids for external funding for specific KT activities to be managed and delivered through the Centre
  • act as a first point of contact for external queries from business & industry seeking university assistance.

The KTC plays a substantial role in assisting researchers exploit opportunities for the transfer of know-how, data, results and IP to business and industry and in the University achieving economic impact from its research activities. The KT Centre's work is prioritised in line with the University Strategic Plan, and in particular the  Knowledge Transfer Strategy 2008-13.

KTC helps research lead to commercial innovation benefiting inventor, University, business and society. KTC staff actively seek "Invention Disclosures" from University faculty and review these for novelty, invention, prior art and market utility prior to a decision to file for patent protection. After applying for patent protection KTC works together with the inventors and their School to market the invention to potential commercial developers and users (licensing), or assists in the formation of a new company around the technology (spin-out company). The university shares revenue (royalties) recouped from these activities with the individual inventors.

The University offers research, advisory and consultancy services that can help meet company research, development and innovation goals and assist with overcoming complex problems. The KTC acts as a guide helping external parties find the right expertise and build a successful  relationship with St Andrews. 


Knowledge Transfer Centre
The Gateway,
North Haugh,
St Andrews
KY16 9SS
Tel: 01334 (46)2163
Fax: 01334 (46)2386

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