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Have you been sent a phishing email?

Do you think you’ve received a phishing email?

Please forward it onto our dedicated inbox;
(please make sure that any attachments are also forwarded)

And we will look into it and make sure we are protected.

Please remember;

  • Does the email ask me to login?

This should act as a warning. IT Services will never ask for your password

  • Is there an attachment?

Are you expecting it? Be wary of attachments that you aren't expecting (even if they seem legitimate).

  • Does the attachment ask to run ”macros”?

Don’t let it, they are very rarely used.

  • Does the email contain a link to click?

Type the website in yourself, especially if it is your bank - don't just click on the link.

  • Does it ask for personal details?

Why is it asking for them? Its very unlikely that a legitimate company will ask for personal details in email - and they aren’t safe to send over email anyway.

  • Is there urgency?

A lot of phishing scams try to make you act quickly, for example;

“I need this paid, right now!”

“You only have 45 minutes to change your password”

“You account has been hacked, you need to fix it NOW”

Take a moment to verify the details.

Quick answers

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