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Wireless access to the network

The wireless network

Wireless access to the network has coverage in almost all academic and administrative University buildings, and also in public areas of student residences. Currently it conforms to the latest IEEE 802.11g (54Mb/s) standard (backwards compatible with 802.11b at 11Mb/s) and will shortly conform to the higher-speed IEEE 802.11n standard.

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eduroam connection to the wireless network 

The method of connecting to the wireless network is part of the deployment of the JANET Roaming Service (JRS, also known as eduroam). Eduroam simplifies access to the Internet for St Andrews users visiting other participating institutions, and also for members of other participating institutions when they visit St Andrews.

To connect to eduroam, Windows users will need to download and install a small piece of software and follow the setup instructions for connection to Eduroam.  Macintosh users will need to install a security certificate and then follow the setup instructions for connection to this service. Once this has been completed, there will be a simple process of logging on with your University username and password.  

The software and instructions are available also via an open wireless network ('uos-connect').

Please read the following policies:

Setup Information

All setup information and software for connecting to the eduroam wireless service can be found on the uos-connect wireless landing page which is available from any of the wireless areas around the University.

External JRS/eduroam users will connect to the wireless network using the procedures in place at their home institution. Academic-related visitors to the University who do not have eduroam at their home institution and people doing University-related work will need to obtain a visitor account for connecting to the uos-visitor network. These accounts can only be issued by the IT Service Desk or Conference and Group services.

Quickguides for setting up eduroam

Further information is available from the IT Service Desk.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues

A page on general troubleshooting advice on Wi-Fi connection issues.


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