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University mobile devices

We work with o2 to provide your University-owned mobile devices. 

Request a work phone or tablet

Consult your Line Manager or budget holder before submitting your order form. We'll contact you afterwards to arrange a time to set up the device you've chosen from below.

Order a University mobile device

iPhone 7

32GB memory

2GB of data

Unlimited calls and texts

iPhone 8

64GB memory

2GB of data

Unlimited calls and texts



64GB memory

5GB of data (just wifi option available)

Alcatel 2030x

Unlimited calls and texts

If this phone isn't available, we'll order a similar model. 

When to contact IT

  • If you're travelling abroad with your device in the next two weeks. This is so we can advise on your allowances and whether you'll need to purchase add-ons before you go.
  • To report an issue with the device

When we'll contact you

  • To upgrade your device if it's running an old version of iOS. This is recommended but not compulsory.
  • If there are any changes to service


Contact IT Services