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Mobile communications

We have now tested the iPhone 6s and 7 and have not encountered any problems to date. We can therefore recommend its use with University systems such as eduroam, Unimail, VPN, etc.

Apple have also released its latest update for iOS (11.0.3).

Please note: Apple have advised users to backup their devices prior to installing any major update. Updates can take some time. Be patient, it will be worth it...

When you are away from the office, you may need to keep in touch with things in various ways: by telephone or email, or by using your appointments diary. Staff who travel abroad (including Europe), should contact the telephone office before they travel to ensure their mobile device will work on the foreign network.

There are now many devices on the market designed to enable communications while on the move: mobile phones, smartphones, tablet devices, Wi-Fi and SIM cards for use in your laptop computer, to name but a few. On top of that, the combinations of features that can be used together can be very confusing.

You need to consider a number of things before purchasing a University sponsored mobile device and/or data service. What facilities do you need? Do you need to check your St Andrews email account when you are away from your office? Would you like to view and keep your University diary up to date in your office, or remotely? Do you need web or Internet access? You need to decide what is important before spending the University's money. Some things may be desirable, but are they really necessary? Please refer to the table below for a rough guide to the facilities available in each type of device:

Mobile phone yes no no no no
Mobile phone with enhanced services yes yes yes yes+ no
Smartphone yes yes yes yes yes
Tablet no yes yes yes yes

* WiFi, 3G and 4G
+ Standalone use or synchronise via cable connection to PC or Mac

Read more about the mobile phone services available to University staff.

What IT Services can and cannot do

When you buy a smartphone you may also need certain services by setting up a data plan (an agreement on the amount of data you can transmit or download in a given period, and the cost). 

IT Services cannot guarantee to make every smartphone work in conjunction with the email and calendar systems that we provide for computer users within the University.  The smartphones listed below are known to be compatible with our systems. If your device differs from those listed we cannot undertake to spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to make it work with our systems. Similarly the service arrangement and data plan that you have purchased may be incompatible with our systems, or may turn out to be unduly costly when working with our systems.  For these reasons you are strongly advised to consult IT Services before buying a smartphone and to use the service provision offered by the PSN agreement.

This is a rapidly changing area of technology, and IT Services staff are investigating the many combinations and permutations on offer.  However it is sensible for users who depend on IT Services for support to take up one of the options listed above, all of which are known to work in our environment.

Please note: The purchase of mobile telephones outwith the telephone office will not be supported, neither can any associated costs be reclaimed against expenses.

Business devices fully or partially supported by IT Services:

  • Apple iPhone 6s and 7 (current version)
  • Most Android-based smartphones
  • Some tablets


With more and more tablet devices coming to market, with various competing operating systems, features and form factors, selecting a tablet device which will do what you need can be difficult.  You are advised to consult with IT Services before purchasing a tablet device for use at the University as not all devices are compatible with current University collaboration and network services.  Please read the following section for more information:

Information and advice on tablet devices

Please contact us via the IT Service desk for further information on any of the above.

Further information regarding standard mobile handsets, the PSN agreement, line rental call charges, data plans and overseas tariffs can be explained by telephone office staff. Please contact: the Telephone Office.

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