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Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10

IT Services have upgraded the basic system and productivity software that they are supporting across the University to Windows 10 and Office 2016 respectively. Over the summer this upgrade has been rolled out to all University PC classrooms. 

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How to make the move to Office 2016

Upgrade to Office 2016 and Windows 10 is now available for staff office computers and laptops but will depend upon what business services you are required to use. Phone the IT Service Desk (Ext 3333) if you have any questions about the compatibility of services you use.

  • On work devices: For staff and post-graduate students using university-owned machines, if you would like to upgrade your current software to Office 2016, put in a request to the IT Service Desk. You will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for the installation process.
  • On personal devices: As part of the University's Office 365 subscription, all active staff and students are entitled to install and activate up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office software on personal computers or mobile devices. To install Office, Log in to your Office 365 portal and click the Install Office 2016 button. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software (NOTE: a good internet connection is advised before starting the download and install process). This applies to both Windows and MacOs versions of Office (the O365 portal will detect which platform you are using and offer the appropriate version).

What's new about the new version

Opening Office 2016 for Windows for the first time will not be a disorientating experience for those coming from the Office 2013 version. They are very similar. The 2016 version of Office, however, includes many new productivity, collaboration, and data analysis features such as: new chart-types and forecasting features in Excel; real-time co-authoring in Word; tighter integration between Outlook and Office 365 tools.

To get a quick overview of the new features, go to the  'Learn about ...' section below and click on the What's new... links for each application to pull up the features pages with information and short videos.

Getting started with Office 2016

Information about the specific features of individual programs, training resources, and downloadable Quick-start Guides are listed below. More comprehensive self-lead online training courses for all the Office programs are available through our subscription to the Microsoft IT Academy. See our IT Academy webpage for full instructions on accessing these resources.

For instructor-led training courses, see the course catalogue for the list of available Microsoft courses and the PDMS course booking system to find when a course is next scheduled for delivery and for booking. 

Learn about Word 2016

Learn about Excel 2016

Learn about PowerPoint 2016

Learn about Outlook 2016

Learn about OneNote 2016


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