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Your University student computer account

As part of the process of registering as a student you must go to the University's web site to make your choice of modules and complete your personal details.  Before you can do this you have to open your computer account.  Although we refer to this as an account, there is no charge for it or for most of the facilities that it gives you access to - you have to pay for printing services, but other services are free.

These instructions tell you how to open your computer account. To do this, you have to create your password.  Further information, and all the links that you need in order to carry out the instructions, can be found on the University web site.

Go to Matriculation for Registration Procedures for New Students. (There you will find a link to this web page, so if you have only a paper version, you will then be able to follow the onward links.)

Construct a password

Your username and password together give access to your student record.  If anyone finds out your password they will be able to see and modify your personal details.  Later on, when you start using Computer classrooms and the University email system, your username and password will give access to your personal filespace and email.  So it is in your interests to have a secure password.

To keep your password secret you should make it hard to guess and you must never write it down - so it must be something that you will easily remember. Please read the following web page before constructing a password:

  • Creating a strong password

Create your password

Once you have decided on your password you now need to create it. 

The information that you supply concerning yourself, including your password, is all confidential, and the password creation page is housed on a secure computer. When you go to the page for creating your password, or for making your module choices, you will see a "Security Alert" box on the screen. Don't be alarmed by this. It is part of the procedure for establishing a secure connection, and it gives you the chance to check the credentials of the web site if you wish to do so before you submit any confidential information. 

In order to proceed you must click "Yes" to accept the University's security certificate.  Here is a link to further information about security certificates.

When you go to the password creation page, you  will see that it contains four boxes. Please complete them as follows:

  1. Your username: this is given in the email sent to you by the Registry Department and consists of your initials, usually followed by a number, eg mgm456
  2. Your student ID number: also given in the email and consisting of nine digits.
  3. Your password: this is the password you have just constructed for yourself. When you type your password, asterisks will be displayed: ********
  4. To confirm your password, type it in again in the fourth box

When you have completed the boxes, click the "Create your password" button.  If all is well you will see a message that you have successfully created your password. 

You will get error messages if your password does not conform to the rules listed earlier, or if what you type in the fourth box does not exactly match what you type in the third. 

If things go wrong, take note of the error message and try again.  If problems persist, contact the University's IT Service Desk, giving details of what you have done, which web browser you are using and what error messages you are getting.   See the later section on Getting Help .

What next?

When you have created your password, go on to make your module choices, and complete your personal details.  Use the links on the Registration Procedures for New Students web page.

Conditions of Use of your account

Although we refer to your account and your personal email and your network connection, ownership of the computer resources remains with the University and in making use of them you must behave responsibly and abide by the conditions governing the use of the University's computer system.  Full details are available on the Computer and IT Support web pages.  The main points include the following:

  • You must not use the computers to download or distribute inappropriate material
  • If you attach your own computer to the network, for example on the Residence Network, you must keep your anti-virus software and your operating system fully up-to-date
  • You must check your University email frequently (at least once every two days during term)

Your use of the University's computers and network is subject to the University's security policy, which is designed to support and protect the University's core functions of learning, teaching and research.  There are some activities which are blocked because, although harmless in themselves, they would require a weakening of overall network security.

Further information

You can get more information about using computers at St Andrews from the Computer and IT Support web pages.

Getting help

If you need help with setting up your password or accessing the web pages to make your module choices and complete your personal details, contact the IT Service Desk

Outside office hours the telephone is re-directed to voicemail and you can leave a message describing your problem.

If the problems persist, don't worry.  See the Registration Procedures for New Students web page for details of where you can get help during Orientation Week.  Once Orientation Week is over you can get help from the IT Service Desk, which is located in the University Library.

There is extensive on-line help and advice on the Computer and IT Support web pages, and IT Services also publishes a number of leaflets which you will be able to pick up once you arrive in St Andrews.

Quick answers

See if your question is answered in our quick answers.

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