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When you first arrive

Obtain your computer account

Prior to your arrival at the University, you will receive an email with your account details and instructions for activating your account. This will help prepare you for your first day and speed up your induction process. If you have any difficulties, please contact the IT Service Desk.

If you have not activated your account ahead of your start date, you must collect your account details in person. Please bring your staff ID card or other proof of identity to the IT Service Desk in the Main Library.

Username and password

Your username and password give you access to the following services:

  • your University email
  • other password-controlled pages on the University website, including administrative material such as student records
  • your filespace on the Central File Store (CFS)
  • your own web space: if you want to create a website for yourself or a research group you can apply for space on the University's main web server
  • an increasing number of external information resources
  • the local wireless network service and eduroam services elsewhere.

You must keep your password secret. 

  • The password you are allocated with your account is randomly generated, and hard to memorise. You should change it to a password which you can remember, without having to write it down, but which is obscure enough not to be guessable. Advice on creating a strong password.
  • Although you cannot use your account until you are able to collect the username and password in person, your new department can arrange to have your username allocated in advance. They will need to send a written request to the IT Service Desk, giving your name and staff number. If your new department gives the IT Service Desk your current external email address we will forward your account details to there.

Order and set up a computer

  • Ordering computer equipment is the responsibility of departments, not of IT Services, although IT Services provide advice via the web, and you can also seek advice from the IT Service Desk. IT Services has defined a specification for a suitable PC hardware/software configuration and can supply our 'standard' PC.
    Orders should be placed via University Procurement: for further details please see the web pages on Purchasing of IT products and equipment.
  • You should discuss your computing requirements with your head of school or unit. In addition most schools and some individual departments have someone who is not necessarily an IT expert, but who should know the ropes well enough to guide you. This person may or may not be officially designated as being responsible for IT matters in a particular school or unit.

Get your network connection

  • A network connection can only be made once your username has been allocated. If your username is allocated in advance of your arrival, your network connection can be set up in advance as well.
  • You will probably be taking over an office which has previously had a data connection. You may find that you are able to connect and configure your computer without applying for your own network connection: you should not do this, because it leads to misconfiguration and network conflicts. This applies even if there is a computer already left in your room for your use.
  • You may wish to connect a laptop computer to the network: for this you will need a suitable ethernet socket on the computer. Note that the laptop must be authorised and registered for connection to the network.  To do this you need to supply to the IT Service Desk the MAC address of the computer for registration on the host file, which subsequently takes a further three hours to update.
    Or you may wish to use a wireless connection or the telephone socket and a modem for a quick solution: in this case you must first check that your telephone socket is an analogue one and not a digital one. If you are unsure of how to distinguish between these contact the Telephone Office (email teloff).

Telephone directory entry

  • Contact the Telephone Office (telephone extension 7221 or email en4) to arrange for your telephone directory entry. If there is no telephone in your office contact your departmental secretary.

Think about your backup strategy

  • The time to think about backups is at the beginning of your time here, not after things have gone wrong.

Quick answers

See if your question is answered in our quick answers.

Contact the IT Service Desk

Log a call using IT Self-Service
(01334 46) 3333
 Message us on Skype for Business
(Mon - Fri, 09:00 - 17:00)

Level 2
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Opening Hours
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The IT Service Desk is closed
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