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Set up a mailing list

If your list contains internal contacts, use Office 365 Distribution Groups.

If it contains both internal and external, use Sympa.


Distribution groups


A self-service mailing list option for contacting email addresses. This is available through Office 365.

Create and set up your Distribution Group

Sympa mailing lists


A self-service mailing list option for contacting any email address. This is available through Sympa, which IT can set up for you.

How to set up your Sympa mailing list

When to contact the IT Service Desk

  • To add a CSV. file of users to your list in Office 365
  • If you're unsure how to set up or manage the list you've chosen, after reading the Microsoft and Sympa guides

Log a call with the IT Service Desk

Are you the only person using the list?

Consider setting up a contact group instead. This means you group your existing personal contact list into groups so it's easier for you to send to them later.

Find out more about managing your Outlook contacts